The Yellow Kid 1894-1898

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The Yellow Kid by RF Outcault and George Luks (1590-) 1st appearance June 2, 1894(Truth Magazine), 1st Newspaper Comic appearance February 17, 1895. - The Yellow Kid is credited as being the first successful American Newspaper Comic-strip and character.  First appearing in four single-panel comics in Truth Magazine, The Kid(Mickey Dugan) made his debut in Joseph Pulitzer's New York World in early 1895. Given plenty of publishing space, the presentation of The Yellow Kid in Hogan's Alley became so popular that it drove Sunday newspaper sales.  William Randolph Hearst took notice and enticed Outcault to bring 'The Kid' to the Humor Magazine pages of his New York Journal.  For two spectacular years, The Yellow Kid's adventures in McFadden Flats, Around the World, and in Ryan's Arcade would now drive up Hearst's circulation.  The Kid became synonymous with Hearst's brand of journalism.   Under accusations that Hearst's NY Journal coaxed the Spanish-American war,  the term 'Yellow Journalism' was applied.  In early 1898, Outcault drew his last devoted Yellow Kid page,  leaving the character to cameo appearances in later strips including Buster Brown.  Yellow Kid pages are among the most sought-after of all.  Never Syndicated, these are truly rare pages that command the highest of premiums.
A note about Outcault's Yellow Kid newspaper switch - When RF Outcault left the New York World,  Joseph Pulitzer asked staff artist George Luks to take over production of The Yellow Kid.  For a time, 'The Yellow Kid' was actually produced in two different newspapers.  The pages produced by Luks are nice, but do not match the demand of Outcault's pages. To prevent confusion, the artist of each page below is indicated. 

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