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Dream of the Rarebit Fiend  by Winsor McCay (0460-) 1st Appearance 1904 - Winsor McCay proved to be one of the most prolific cartoonists in history by producing Dream of the Rarebit Fiend during roughly the same period that he was producing Little Nemo in Slumberland.   Unlike Little Nemo,  this strip was a self-contained gag page with no consistent characters or story continuity.    Dream of the Rarebit Fiend expounded on the ancient scottish fable that the consumption of Welsh Rabbit causes the consumer to remember their dreams.     Each strip would elaborate on one such dream, explorating the inner feelings of the dreamer in humorous fashion.  The strip was produced on an occasional basis, sometimes two or three times a week,  sometimes skipping whole weeks.    It was not a true sunday strip until the very end of it's run around 1913-14.    Because of this,  the early pages are commonly Black and White,   and usually half-size or smaller.   Those later sunday pages can be found in full-size and full-color.  Note that all of these were done under the pen-name "Silas".  The market for Dream of the Rarebit Fiend is quite good as is true with all Winsor McCay offerings.   All versions sell at high premium.      

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0460-0001 1905/10/15 - Q BW G/G/G $10.00 No reverse
S0460-0002 1908 - 1H BW G/FR-G/G $20.00 "While you are waiting father,  I want you to try one of these cigars",  No reverse
S0460-0003 1908 - 1Q BW G/FR-G/G $10.00 "No! No! Go Back!,  He's awake dear I think!",  No reverse
S0460-0004 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "Ladies and Gentlemen,  I shall now demonstrate my new patent fountain bathing pool",   No reverse
S0460-0005 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "Did you read today about Miss Mapp being left a million dollars by her uncle, Eh?",  No reverse
S0460-0006 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "I believe I'll get a pair of those stilt shoes! um!",  No reverse
S0460-0007 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "Well today is my birthday,  I hope that top doesn't ask me how old I am when he..",  No reverse
S0460-0008 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "Well, we must hurry! Are you ready florence? Oh! I declare! I dropped that hat pin!",  No reverse
S0460-0009 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "Well, Um, I don't know whether I am a fool or not for taking",  No reverse
S0460-0010 1909 - 1H BW G/G/G $20.00 "This english army at this min-nute hoverin' over the united states war baloons ready to drop bums",  No reverse
S0460-0011 1909 - 1H BW G/FR-G/G $20.00 "I suppose the gang at the club will not only be dumbfounded but condemn me in no mild form! well I don't care!",  No reverse
S0460-0012 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "Dats it! Just eat all you can an' grow big an' fat! Darlin' loves-",  No reverse
S0460-0013 1909 - 1Q BW FR-G/FR-G/G $10.00 "What did you send me a doll for uncle, I'm too big now",  No reverse
S0460-0014 1909 - 1Q BW G/FR-G/G $10.00 "Come on! Come on! You ole Scoun'rel!",  No reverse
S0460-0015 1909 - 1Q BW G/FR-G/G $10.00 "What we should do is squelch this fellow Silas,  He has almost killed-",  No reverse
S0460-0016 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!",  No reverse
S0460-0017 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "So you like it out here in utah eh? are you married?",  No reverse
S0460-0018 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "This is what I call solid comfort,  Lying here in the hay",  No reverse
S0460-0019 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "By Crackie, I have no smokes!  I have to go back and get some.  What would I do without any",  No reverse
S0460-0020 1909 - 1Q BW G/G/G $10.00 "I ate a rarebit tonight and I do not care if I dream or not",  No reverse
S0460-0021 1913/03/02 - F G/FR-G/VG $50.00 On reverse BW Brick Bodkins Pa
S0460-0022 1913/04/20 - F FR-G/FR/VG $50.00 On reverse BW Brick Bodkins Pa
S0460-0023 1913/05/18 - F FR-G/FR-G/VG $40.00 On reverse BG Terror the of Tiny Tads(H), BG Uncle Mun
S0460-0024 1913/07/20 - F FR-G/FR-G/VG $40.00 On reverse BG Terror the of Tiny Tads(H), BG Uncle Mun

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