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Barney Baxter (in the Air) by Frank Miller (0050-) 1st Appearance 1935, 1st Sunday January 24, 1937 - In the days of the aviation strip, Barney Baxter was one of the most exciting of strips of the genre.    Barney was a young flier of obvious skill who fought against the forces of the Axis on all fronts.   In the pre-war days, Barney would meet the main co-stars of the strip, the lovely Maura with whom Barney eventually takes vows with, and the comical Gopher Gus.  The real attraction of the strip was the stunning dog-fight scenes.   Frank Miller was an extraordinary illustrator of aerial action, and he put plenty of it into Barney Baxter.  Under his pen, Fighters would soar, circle and dive in fabulously realistic action sequences.   This made Barney Baxter one of the truly classic strips of the 30's and 40's.   The market for Barney Baxter is quite good.   Offered exclusively as Tabs or portions, they are very hard to keep in stock even at a modest premium.   Dailies sell even quicker than Sundays.
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0050-0001 1940/09/29 - T G/G/G $6.00 On reverse Blondie by Chic Young
S0050-0002 1940/10/20 - T FR-G/FR/VG $3.00 On reverse That's My Pop by Milt Gross(HT), Pepsi & Pete ad(HT)
S0050-0003 1940/11/10 - T VG/VG/VG $6.00 On reverse Blondie by Chic Young
S0050-0004 1941/06/15 - T FR-G/G/FR-G $5.00 On reverse Joe Palooka by Ham Fisher
S0050-0005 1941/06/22 - T VG/VG/VG $6.00 On reverse Camel ad
S0050-0006 1941/07/06 - T VG/VG/VG $6.00 On reverse Camlel ad
S0050-0007 1942/04/12 - T G/FR-G/G $6.00 On reverse Joe Palooka by Ham Fisher
S0050-0008 1942/04/19 - T FR/FR/FR $2.00 On reverse Joe Palooka by Ham Fisher
S0050-0009 1944/04/02 - T FR-G/FR-G/G $5.00 On reverse Alexander Smart(HT), Elmer(HT)
S0050-0010 1944/06/04 - T G/G/G $6.00 On reverse Red Ryder(HT), Alley Oop(HT)
S0050-0011 1949/07/03 - T G/G/VG $6.00 On reverse Flop Family(HT), Bobby Sox(HT)

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
D0050-0001 Barney Baxter 1945/08 - 19 4C G $7.00 by Frank Miller

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