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Uncle Wiggily's Adventures by Howard Garis & Lang Campbell (1530-) 1st Appearance January 30. 1910, 1st Sunday 1919 - Uncle Wiggily was born in the early days of newspaper comics when whimsical fairy-tale themes were some of the most popular strips.   Uncle Wiggily had the look and feel of a story book, in fact the dailies were not comic-strips but were text columns often titled "Bedtime Stories".  The Sundays, drawn by the extraordinary Lang Campbell started by using text under panels in similar fashion to Mr. Twee Deedle.   For all of this, the actual content of Uncle Wiggily was quite often far away from a Fairy Tale.   Uncle Wiggily was a somewhat elderly rabbit who would find his way into and out of trouble each week.   The trouble would often come in the guise of naughty villains of the woods, but just as often it would be Wiggily's own curiosity that would fix him.  Wiggily's woods were actually quite a modern place with the conveniences of the day and the problems that accompany them.  The result was a strip that, to readers in-the-know, is quite surprising.  The market for Uncle Wiggily is very good.   The Original Lang Campbell pages are the most called for, offered as Fulls and Tabs, the fulls are high premium pages - earlier the better.   Dailies sell very well also.`

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1530-0001 1947 - 1H VG/VG/VG $2.00 On Reverse Our Bill (11/9)
S1530-0002 1949 - 1H G/G/G $2.00 On Reverse Toots & Casper (4/17)
S1530-0003 1950 - 25H G/G/G $50.00 On Reverse Elmer(4H), L'il Abner(1H), Nebbs(1H) (2/12-4/9, 5/7-6/11, 6/25-7/9, 10/8, 10/22, 10/29, 11/12, 11/19, 12/10, 12/31)
S1530-0004 1951 - 2H G/G/G $4.00 On reverse Nebbs(1H) (2/25, 3/25)
S1530-0005 1952 - 2TH FR/FR/G $1.00 On reverse BWR Captain Easy(1TH), BWR Pogo(1H) (11/9, 11/30)

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