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S'Matter Pop (Say, Pop!; Nippy's Pop) by CM Payne  (1280-) 1st Appearance 1910 - S'Matter Pop is the story of Pop, a father and husband and his struggles to survive domestic life.  Pop's family, a pestering wife and decidedly undomestic son were the co-stars of the strip.   The strip was exclusively a gag strip.   Each day or week, Pop would be confronted with everyday life, a situation that he was somewhat ill-equipped to handle.    Slightly dull-witted and decidedly unexperienced, Pop's resolutions to his problems would invariably bite him in the end.   Inspite the terribly common theme of the strip, S'Matter Pop still stands out because of the rather unusual and quite superior artwork.   Payne's characters were portrayed with exaggerated dimensions which have a decided eye-catching appeal.    Unfortunately, those character portrayals were exclusively confined to self-imposed standard cartoon blocks, which limits the effect.   The market for S'Matter Pop is moderate.   Collectors gravitate to Full-color fulls when available.  Daily sell a little slower than the sunday version.
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1280-0001 1918 - 1F FR-G/FR/G $3.00 On reverse BW Chub's Big Bother(H), BW Poor Mr. W(H) (7/14)
S1280-0002 1924 - 3F G/G/G $9.00 No reverse (10/4-10/18)
S1280-0003 1925 - 2F BWP FR-G/FR-G/G $2.00 On reverse Mr. Straphanger(1F), Mr. & Mrs(1H) (5/17, 11/29)
S1280-0004 1926 - 29F G/FR-G/G $87.00 On reverse Harold Teen (28F), Mr. Straphanger(1F) (3/14, 3/21, 4/11-5/2, 5/16, 5/30-10/17, 12/5)
S1280-0005 1928 - 2F G/FR-G/G $4.00 On reverse Toots & Casper(1F), Mutt & Jeff(1F) (5/13, 8/6)
S1280-0006 1930/02/16 - F BW G/G/G $1.00 On reverse BW Mortimer(1F)
S1280-0007 1935/02 - 2T G/G/G $2.00 On reverse Nebbs/Simp O'Dill(T) (2/3, 2/24)

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
D1280-0001 Say Pop 1920/02 - 22 5C G $7.00 by CM Payne
D1280-0002 S'Matter Pop 1929/12 - 26 6SQ G $8.00 by CM Payne
D1280-0003 S'Matter Pop 1930/03 - 19 6C G $5.00 by CM Payne
D1280-0004 S'Matter Pop 1933/11 - 26 6C G $8.00 by CM Payne
D1280-0005 S'Matter Pop 1935/01 - 26 6C G $8.00 by CM Payne
D1280-0006 S'Matter Pop 1939/01 - 15 6C G $3.00 by CM Payne
D1280-C001 Say/S'Matter Pop 1920-39 - 134 Mixed G $26.00 by CM Payne (above 6 lots)
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