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Seein' Stars by Feg Murray (1260-) 1st Color Sunday Sept 11, 1938- Frederic (Feg) Murray was an early hollywood beat writer and radio show MC in the 1930's.  In an era when multi-medium was necessary for success, Feg expanded into the comic pages with his offering Seein' Stars.  Beautifully drawn, this strip was an insight into the personal lives of the stage and screen stars of the day.  The format of the strip was a single panel with multi-scenes where space was available.   There was always a central character who got the attention of the reader, similar to the format that Ripley's Believe it or Not used.   The strip began as a Black and White sunday and was usually found in on the entertainment page of the newspaper.   In 1938 it found it's way into the sunday comics section as a full-color feature.    The strip participated in the premium era with it's offering of Comic Stamps of the Stars.  The market for Seein Stars is quite good and on the upswing.   Offered primarily as half-size or smaller, this strip has sales appeal both for the comic collector and for the movie buff.  As such, the pages with Hollywood's brightest stars sell best and command modest premiums.   Also the pages which have those comic stamps uncut command a modest premium.    Note the a special premium is placed on the Wizard of Oz opening strip.
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1260-0129 1941/01/05 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #18(Greta Garbo), Jane Withers, John Payne, Fred Astaire On reverse Pete the Tramp
S1260-0130 1941/01/12 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #19(Ginger Rogers), Marlene Dietrich, Tyrone Power, Eugene Pallette, Walter Pidgeon, Nat Pendleton On reverse The Phantom
S1260-0131 1941/01/19 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #20(Bob Hope), Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, Lawrence Olivier, Wallace Beery,  Judy Canova On reverse Ripley's believe it or not
S1260-0132 1941/01/26 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #21(Lana Turner), Deanna Durbin, James Stephenson, Fred Perry, Harry Richman On reverse Ripley's believe it or not
S1260-0133 1941/02/02 - H G/G/G $7.00 Featuring Stamp #22(Don Ameche), George Sanders, Ginger Rogers, Henry Fonda On reverse Ripley's believe it or not
S1260-0134 1941/02/09 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #23(Diahann Carroll), Humphrey Bogart, Diana Lewis, No reverse
S1260-0135 1941/02/16 - H VG/VG/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #24(Charley Chaplin), Boris Karloff, Martha O'Driscoll, Alice Faye, On reverse Tim Tyler's Luck(H)
S1260-0136 1941/02/23 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #25(Deanna Durbin), Rita Hayworth, Charley Grapewin, Milton Berle, Fred Astaire, WC Fields, On reverse Radio Patrol(H)
S1260-0137 1941/03/02 - H FR-P/FR-P/VG $1.00 Featuring Stamp #26(Katharine Hepburn), Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Frank Capra, Zasu Pitts, Edward G Robinson, Arleen Whelan, No reverse
S1260-0138 1941/03/16 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #28(Judy Garland), Gene Tierney, Donald Crisp, Robert Taylor, Charles Boyer On reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0139 1941/03/23 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #29(Irene Dunne), Charlie Chapline, Abbott & Costello, Carole Landis, On reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0140 1941/03/30 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #30(Bing Crosby), Lana Turner, Buck Jones, On reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0141 1941/04/06 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #31(Dorothy Lamour), Claudette Colbert, Richard Arlen, Johnny Downs, Robert Taylor, Irina Baronova, No reverse
S1260-0142 1941/04/13 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #31(Robert Montgomery), Roy Rogers & Trigger, Mary Beth Hughes, Abner Biberman, William Powell, On regverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0143 1941/04/20 - F G/G/VG $7.00 Half on Full w/Postum ad(H), Featuring Stamp #33(Claudette Colbert), Ann Sothern, Montagu Love, on reverse Thimble Theatre(F)
S1260-0144 1941/04/20 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #33(Claudette Colbert), Ann Sothern, Montagu Love, on reverse Lone Ranger(H)
S1260-0145 1941/04/27 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #34(Jean Arthur), Hedy Lamarr, Shirley Temple, Clark Gable, Eddie Cantor, Buddy Rogers, Gene Raymond, Alan Baxter, Mable Normand, on reverse Radio Patrol(H)
S1260-0146 1941/05/04 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #35(Joan Crawford), Buster Crabbe, Helen Parrish, C. Aubrey Smith, Charley Grapewin, Dick Arlen, on reverse Toots & Casper(H)
S1260-0147 1941/05/11 - H FR/FR/G $2.00 Featuring Stamp #36(Marlene Dietrich), HB Warner, Olivia De Havilland, on reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0148 1941/05/18 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #37(William Powell), Peggy Moran, John Qualen, Bette Davis, on reverse Eveready ad(TH)
S1260-0149 1941/05/25 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #38(Loretta Young), Jeanette McDonald, Tyrone Power, Marie Wilson, on reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0150 1941/06/01 - H G/G/G $7.00 Featuring Stamp #39(Barbara Stanwyck), Edgar Kennedy, Sonja Henie, Madeleine Carroll, on reverse Toots & Casper(H)
S1260-0151 1941/06/15 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #41(Norma Shearer),Ann Miller, Jimmy Stewart, Walter Pidgeon, on reverse Room & Board(H)
S1260-0152 1941/06/22 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #42(Charles Laughton), Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Barrymore, Sonja Henie, Claude Rains, On reverse Bringing Up Father
S1260-0153 1941/06/29 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #43(Ann Sothern), Rita Hayworth, Sidney Toler, Tyrone Power, C. Aubrey Smith, Harry Shannon, On reverse Skippy(H)
S1260-0154 1941/07/06 - H VG/VG/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #44(Paulette Goddard), John Wayne, Nat Pendleton, Joan Bennett, Cecil B. DeMille, No reverse
S1260-0155 1941/07/13 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #45(Gene Autry), Sunnie O'Dea, Mickey Rooney, Clark Gable, On reverse Toots & Casper(H)
S1260-0156 1941/07/20 - H VG/VG/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #46(Jack Benny), Lana Turner, Mischa Auer, Mickey Rooney, No reverse
S1260-0157 1941/07/27 - H VG/VG/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #47(Charles Boyer), Claudette Colbert, Betty Grable, Gary Cooper, Jean Del Val, No reverse
S1260-0158 1941/07/27 - H G/FR-G/VG $5.00 Featuring Stamp #47(Charles Boyer), Claudette Colbert, Betty Grable, Gary Cooper, Jean Del Val, On reverse Little Annie Rooney(H)
S1260-0159 1941/08/03 - H G/G/G $7.00 Featuring Stamp #48(John Barrymore), Eleanor Powell, Spencer Tracy, Pat O'Brien, Barbara Stanwyck, on reverse Thimble Theatre
S1260-0160 1941/08/10 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #49(Jimmy Stewart), Dorothy Lamour, Gloria Swanson, Ftred Astaire, on reverse Pete the Tramp(H)Thimble Theatre
S1260-0161 1941/08/17 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #50(Joan Bennett), Ann Sheridan, Jack Benny, Fredric March, Norma Shearer, on reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0162 1941/08/24 - H G/FR-G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #51(Jane Russell), Gene Tierney, Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, on reverse Little Annie Rooney(H)
S1260-0163 1941/09/21 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #55(Olivia De Havilland), Paulette Goddard, Charles Boyer, Nelson Eddy, Ginger Rogers, No reverse
S1260-0164 1941/09/28 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #56(Lionel Barrymore), Johnnie Mack Brown, Madeleine Carroll, Carol Landis, No reverse
S1260-0165 1941/10/05 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #57(Edward G. Robinson), Zorina, Alan Hale, Robert Stack, On reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0166 1941/10/12 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #58(Robert Young), Veronica Lake, Laird Cregar, Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable, No reverse
S1260-0167 1941/10/19 - H FR/FR/VG $2.00 Featuring Stamp #59(Rita Hayworth), Bob Hope, Carmen Miranda, Tyrone Power, Tom Harmon, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0168 1941/10/26 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #60(Henry Fonda), Anita Louise, Martha Raye, Laurel & Hardy, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0169 1941/11/02 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #61(Edward Arnold) Pat Dane, Lon Chaney Sr, Lon Chaney Jr., no reverse
S1260-0170 1941/11/09 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #62(Greer Garson) Alexis Smith, Hedy LaMarr, Robert Preston, Johnny Sheffield, On reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0171 1941/11/16 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #63(Constance Bennett) Betty Grable, Loretta Young, Nat Pendleton, WC Fields, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0172 1941/11/23 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #64(Rudy Vallee) Jimmy Cagney, Ann Rutherford, Mickey Rooney, Dorothy Lamour, On reverse Skippy(H)
S1260-0173 1941/11/30 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #65(Vivien Leigh) Jack Oakie, Michelle Morgan, Shirley Temple, Grant Mitchell, Billie Burke, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0174 1941/12/14 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #67(Herbert Marshall) Roy Rogers & Trigger, Constance Bennett, Charles Laughton, Joan Leslie, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0175 1941/12/21 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #68(Merle Oberon) Leionel Barrymore, June Havoc, Kaaren Verne, Peter Lorre, Dennis Morgan, On reverse Tippie(H)
S1260-0176 1941/12/28 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #69(Maureen O'Sullivan) Loretta Young, Kay Kyser, Gary Cooper, on reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0177 1942/01/11 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #71(George Brent) Maureen O'Hara, Pat O'brien, Cecil B. DeMille, Penny Singleton, on reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0178 1942/01/18 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #72(Melvyn Douglas) Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Rita Haywortgh, Gene Autry, on reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0179 1942/02/01 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #74(Brian Donlevy) Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Lucille Ball, on reverse Henry(H)
S1260-0180 1942/02/08 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #75(Ann Sheridan) Lon Chany Jr. as teh Wolfman, Ginger Rogers,   Disney's Dumbo & Dopey, Jean hersholt, No reverse
S1260-0181 1942/02/15 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #76(Basil Rathbone) Betty Grable, Gene Tierney, Ann Sheridan, Lupe Velez, Walter Brennan, on reverse Ponds ad(TH)
S1260-0182 1942/02/22 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #77(Flora Robson) Victor McLaglen, Buster Crabbe, Linda Darnell, Mickey Rooney, No reverse
S1260-0183 1942/03/01 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #78(Carole Landis) Dick Arlen, Jean Parker, Barbara Stanwyck, No reverse
S1260-0184 1942/03/08 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #79(Charlie McCarthy) Dona Drake, Peggy Drake, Ward Bond, Brian Donlevy, Glenn Ford, No reverse
S1260-0185 1942/03/15 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #80(Carmen Miranda) Henry Fonda, Jane Russell, Sabu, On reverse Ripley's Believe it or not(H)
S1260-0186 1942/03/22 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #81(Dick Powell) C. Aubrey Smith, Alexis Smith, Shirley Temple, Tyrone Powell, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0187 1942/03/29 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #82(Linda Darnell) June Duprez, Keye Luke, Johnny Weissmuller, Edward Brophy, On reverse The Phantom(H)
S1260-0188 1942/04/05 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #83(Kay Francis) Laurel & Hardy, Adele Mara, No reverse
S1260-0189 1942/04/12 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #84(Jack Oakie) Veronica Lake, James Cagney, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds, On reverse Sappo(TH)
S1260-0190 1942/04/19 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #85(John Payne) Jane Russell, Lon Chaney Jr. as the Frankenstein Monster, Robert Cummings, Constance Bennett, Virginia Gilmore, On reverse Ripley's Believe it or Not(H)
S1260-0191 1942/04/26 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #86(Humphrey Bogart) Dorothy Lamour, Richard Denning, Kay Harris, No reverse
S1260-0192 1942/05/10 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #88(Joan Fontaine) Deanna Durbin, Dorothy Darrell, Donald Duck. Shirley Temple, On reverse Bunky(H)
S1260-0193 1942/05/17 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #89(Veronica Lake) Rita Hayworth, Hal Peary, Lewis Stone, No reverse
S1260-0194 1942/05/31 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #91(Maureen O'Hara) Charles Laughton, June Havoc, John Wayne, Bill Boyd, Randy Scott, Erroll Flynn, On reverse Ripley's Believe it or not(H)
S1260-0195 1942/06/07 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #92(WC Fields) Babe Ruth, Ida Lupino, Gene Tierney, No reverse
S1260-0196 1942/06/28 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #95(John Wayne) Charles Winninger, Betty Grable, Laird Cregar, Alan Ladd, No reverse
S1260-0197 1942/07/05 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #96(Fred Mac Murray) Michelle Morgan, Susan Hayward, Hedy LaMarr, John Wayne, On reverse Barney Google(H)
S1260-0198 1942/07/12 - H G/G/VG $7.00 Featuring Stamp #97(Ray Milland) Hedy LaMarr, James Burke, George Raft, Janet Blair, On reverse Skippy(H)
S1260-0199 1942/09/06 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Lana Turner, Lynn Bari, Gail Patrick,  on reverse Pepsi & Pete ad(TH)
S1260-0200 1942/10/04 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Constantine Romanoff,  No reverse
S1260-0201 1943/01/03 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Gary Cooper, Ann Rutherford, Marjorie Main
S1260-0202 1943/01/10 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Mickey Rooney, Lucille Ball, Anna Neagle, Sheila Ryan
S1260-0203 1943/01/17 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Ann Harding, Alan Hale Sr.
S1260-0204 1943/01/31 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Deanna Durbin, Fred Gierman, Gary Cooper, Grace MacDonald
S1260-0205 1943/02/07 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Bela Lugosi as the Frankenstein Monster,  Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman, Dona Drake, Ann Shirley, Walter Reed, Paul Kelly, On reverse Lone Rganer(H)
S1260-0206 1943/02/28 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Veronica Lake, Joan Leslie, Bill Wellman, Jean Negulesco
S1260-0207 1943/03/28 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Veronica Lake, Margie Stewart, Dorris Bowdon
S1260-0208 1943/04/18 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Patricia Morison, Jack Oakie
S1260-0209 1943/04/25 - H VG/VG/VG $5.00 Featuring Olivia De Havilland, Betty Grable
S1260-0210 1943/05/09 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ann Jeffreys, Peter Lorre, Nat Pendleton, Acquanetta
S1260-0211 1943/05/23 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring C.Aubrey Smith, Paulette Goddard, Lana Turner, Fred Astaire
S1260-0212 1943/05/30 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Olivia DeHavilland, Erich Von Stroheim, Roy Rogers, Jean Arthur
S1260-0213 1943/06/27 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Joan Leslie, Fred Astaire, Adolphe Menjou, Fortunio Bonanova, Roy Rogers and Trigger
S1260-0214 1943/07/04 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ann Miller, Maureen O'Hara, Gig Young
S1260-0215 1943/07/11 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Tyrone Power, Dolores Moran, Annabella
S1260-0216 1943/07/18 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, Ida Lupino, George Tobias
S1260-0217 1943/08/01 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Alan Ladd, Ginger Rogers, Jean Arthur, On reverse Camel ad
S1260-0218 1943/08/08 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Diana Lewis, Victor Moore, Margo, Joe E Brown, On reverse Barney Google(TH)
S1260-0219 1943/08/15 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Humphrey Bogart, Maria Montez, On reverse Aladdin, Jr(TH)
S1260-0220 1943/08/22 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Lana Turner, Donald O'Connor, Carmen Miranda, On reverse Tillie the Toiler(H)
S1260-0221 1943/08/29 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Sonja Heine, Eugene Pallette, Walter Brennan
S1260-0222 1943/09/05 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Janet Blair, Bob Ryan, Red Skelton,on reverse The Phantom(TH)
S1260-0223 1943/09/12 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Leslie Brooks, William Bendix, Olga Baclanova, on reverse Room & Board(TH)
S1260-0224 1943/09/19 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Betty Grable, Fred Astaire, Charles Coburn, on reverse Col Potterby(H)
S1260-0225 1943/09/26 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Olivia DeHavilland, Ann Miller, Lionel Barrymore, on reverse King of the Royla Mounted(H)
S1260-0226 1943/10/10 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Cary Grant, Jinx Falkenburg, Edward G Robinson on reverse Barney Google(TH)
S1260-0227 1943/10/24 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Claudette Colbert, Joe E.Brown, Martha Raye, Kay Kyser, Mischa Auer
S1260-0228 1943/10/31 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Gloria Nord, Wallace Beery, Paul Whiteman
S1260-0229 1943/11/07 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Linda Darnell, Harold Peary, Richard Dix, Roy Rogers and Trigger
S1260-0230 1943/11/21 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Linda Darnell, Frances Langford, Betty Grable
S1260-0231 1943/12/05 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Jean Parker, Mae West, Laird Cregar, on reverse Junket ad(TH)
S1260-0232 1943/12/12 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Frank Sinatra, Joel McCrea, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney
S1260-0233 1943/12/26 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ann Sheridan, Anthony Quinn, J.Carroll Naish
S1260-0234 1944/01/02 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Maria Montez, Abbott and Costello, Lana Turner
S1260-0235 1944/01/09 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Paulette Goddard, Vera Zorina, George Raft, Eddie Cantor
S1260-0236 1944/06/11 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Eugene Palette, Fanny Brice, William Demarest, on reverse Skippy(TH)
S1260-0237 1944/06/18 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, William Bendix, No reverse
S1260-0238 1944/06/25 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Bob Hope, Jimmy Mchugh, Lynn Baggott, No reverse
S1260-0239 1944/07/02 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Bonita Granville, Linda Darnell, Boris Karloff, On reverse Ripley's Believe it or not
S1260-0240 1944/07/09 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Esther Williams, Mickey Mouse, J. Lockhard Martin, On reverse Capt. Ben Dix ad(H)
S1260-0241 1944/07/23 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Helmut Dantine, Gene Tierney, Claudette Colbert, No reverse
S1260-0242 1944/07/30 - TH VG/VG/VG $2.00 Featuring Veronica Lake, Charles Laughton, No reverse
S1260-0243 1944/08/06 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring John Wayne, Ward Bond, Sonja Heine, Jackie Paley
S1260-0244 1944/08/13 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Ella Raines, Chili Williams, SZ Sakall
S1260-0245 1944/08/20 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Gregory Peck, Anne Gillis, Irene Dunne
S1260-0246 1944/09/03 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Raymond Massey, Lynne Baggott, Betty Alexander, Roddy McDowall
S1260-0247 1944/09/10 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Lana Turner, Dick Powell, Olivia DeHavilland, Jimmy Starr
S1260-0248 1944/09/24 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring June Caprice, Gene Kelly, Vivian Austin, Pat O'Brien
S1260-0249 1944/10/08 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Basil Rathbone, Joan Fontaine, June Haver, William Bendix
S1260-0250 1944/10/15 - TH G/G/G $2.00 Featuring Bob Hope, Vic McLagen, Claire Trevor, Alec Templeton
S1260-0251 1944/10/22 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Jeanine Crain, Helen Walker, Laurel & Hardy, Disney's Donald Duck & Panchito, No reverse
S1260-0252 1944/10/29 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Lorraine Day, Fredric March, John Loder, June Duprez
S1260-0253 1944/11/05 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Virginia Mayo, Carmen Amaya, Hugh Herbert
S1260-0254 1944/11/12 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Paulette Goddard, Rita Hayworth, Leo McCarey
S1260-0255 1944/11/19 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Carlos Ramirez, Sara Schwartz
S1260-0256 1944/11/26 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Joseph Cotten, Elyse Knox, Evelyn Keyes
S1260-0257 1944/12/03 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Ann Miller, Sterling Holloway
S1260-0258 1944/12/10 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Yvonne DeCarlo, Joan McCracken, Lassie
S1260-0259 1944/12/17 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Van Johnson, Betty Grable, Fred Astaire, Lou Costello
S1260-0260 1944/12/24 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Danny Kaye, Deanna Durbin, Turhan Bey Dorothy Lamour
S1260-0261 1945/01/14 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Spencer Tracy, Diana Lynn
S1260-0262 1945/01/21 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ginger Rogers, J. Carroll Naish
S1260-0263 1945/01/28 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Ida Lupino, Jophnny Weissmuller, Betty Hutton, Adeline DeWalt Reynolds, on reverse Henry(Th)
S1260-0264 1945/02/04 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Jimmy Durante, Sonja Henie
S1260-0265 1945/02/11 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Johnny Weissmuller, Marie McDonald, Anita Colby, Frank Sinatra, Monty Woolley, No reverse
S1260-0266 1945/02/18 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Fred Astaire, Marguerite Chapman, Glenn Strange, Merle Oberon
S1260-0267 1945/02/25 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Gene Tierney, Charles Laughton, Keye Luke, on reverse Kleenex ad featuring Little lulu
S1260-0268 1945/03/04 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Danny Kaye, Ann Rutherford
S1260-0269 1945/03/18 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring June Haver, Johnny Weissmuller, Robert Walker, Sonja Henie. Vera Hruba Ralston, on reverse Squirrel Cage(TH)
S1260-0270 1945/03/25 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Yvonne DeCarlo, Jon Hall, Mervyn Leroy
S1260-0271 1945/04/01 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Frank Sinatra, Martha Vickers, Merle Oberon
S1260-0272 1945/04/15 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Maureen O'Hara, Andrea King
S1260-0273 1945/04/29 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring John Garfield, Lizabeth Scott, Boris Karloff
S1260-0274 1945/05/06 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Sonja Henie, Esther Williams, Wiliam Eythe
S1260-0275 1945/05/13 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Roy Rogers, Abbott & Costello, Dorothy Lamour
S1260-0276 1945/05/20 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Robert Cummings, Sheila Ryan, Ann Dvorak
S1260-0277 1945/05/27 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Alan Ladd, Shirley Temple, Lana Turner. Joak Oakie, on reverse Ripley's Believe it or not(H)
S1260-0278 1945/06/03 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Jack LaRue, Sabu, Maxie Rosenbloom
S1260-0279 1945/06/17 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Laurel & Hardy, Errol Flynn, Barbara Hale
S1260-0280 1945/07/08 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Fred Mac Murray, Margaret O'Brien, Vera Ellen
S1260-0281 1945/07/29 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Betty Grable, Lauritz Melchior, Peggy Ryan & Johnny Coy, on reverse Ripleys believe it or not(H)
S1260-0282 1945/08/12 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Dolores Moran, John Loder
S1260-0283 1945/09/23 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Fred Astaire, Bob Burns, Jeanne Crain, Mischa Auer, Charles Coburn, on reverse Colgate ad(TH)
S1260-0284 1945/09/30 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Irving Cummings, Betty Grable, June Haver, no reverse
S1260-0285 1945/12/09 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Bill Williams, Dolores Moran
S1260-0286 1945/12/16 - H G/G/VG $5.00 Featuring Hugh Herbert, Anne Gwynne
S1260-0287 1946/03/24 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Lynn Bari, Penny Singleton, Linda Darnell
S1260-0288 1946/04/07 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Gloria DeHaven, Keenan Wynn, Linda Sterling
S1260-0289 1946/04/21 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Alexis Smith, Dinah Shore, Cass Daley
S1260-0290 1946/04/28 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Maria Montez, Evelyn Keyes, Fred Astaire
S1260-0291 1946/05/12 - TH G/G/VG $2.00 Featuring Rex Harrison, Marie Wilson
S1260-0292 1946/05/19 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Ray Milland, Linda Darnell, Barbara Hale
S1260-0293 1946/05/26 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Belita, Diana Lynn, Ivan Kirov
S1260-0294 1946/06 - 3TH G/FR-G/VG $4.50 Featuring Anne Baxter, Ann Sothern, Kathryn Grayson (6/2, 6/16, 6/23)
S1260-0295 1946/09/15 - TH G/FR-G/VG $1.50 Featuring Ida Lupino, Yvonne DeCarlo
S1260-0296 1946/10 - 3TH G/FR-G/VG $6.50 Featuring Ingrid Bergman, Roy Rogers, Cornell Wilde, Carole Landis, Petter Lorre, Linda Stirling, Rita Hayworth, Maureen O'Hara
S1260-0297 1946/11 - 3TH G/FR-G/VG $4.50 Featuring Claudette Colbert, Veronica Lake, Marie McDonald, Bonita Granville, Francis Ford   (11/3, 11/10, 11/24)
S1260-0298 1946/12/01 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring Bette Davis, James Baskett
S1260-0299 1946/12/08 - H G/FR-G/VG $3.00 Featuring James Cagney, Merle Oberon, Belita
S1260-0300 1946/12/22 - TH G/FR-G/VG $1.50 Featuring Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour, Alan Hale
S1260-0301 1947/02/09 - TH FR-G/FR/VG $1.00 Featuring George Sanders, Alexis Smith
S1260-0302 1947/04/13 - H G/G/G $3.00 Featuring Maureen O'Hara, George Brent, Joan Blondell, Marie McDonald, No reverse
S1260-0303 1947/08/03 - TH G/G/VG $1.50 Featuring Charles Laughton, Lana Turner, Adele Jurgens, on reverse Lone Ranger
S1260-0304 1947/10 - 2TH G/G/VG $3.00 Featuring Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Bob Hope, Janet Blair (10/12, 10/19)
S1260-0305 1948/04/04 - H FR-G/FR-G/VG $2.00 Featuring Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis
S1260-0306 1948/05/23 - H FR-G/FR-G/VG $2.00 Featuring Rhonda Fleming, Tyrone Power
S1260-0307 1948/08/01 - H FR-G/FR-G/VG $2.00 Featuring Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth
S1260-0308 1948 - 20TH FR-G/FR-G/VG $20.00 Featuring Ann Miller, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Errol Flynn, Marie McDonald, Jean Peters, Fred Astaire, Robert Sterling, Roy Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney Jr., Irene Dunne, Cyd Charisse, Sonja Henie, Audie Murphy, Barbara Stanwyck,  Virginia Mayo, Jeanne Crain (1/4, 1/18, 2/8, 2/22-3/7, 3/28, 4/18-5/16, 5/30, 7/4, 9/5, 9/12, 9/26, 10/17, 10/24, 11/28)
S1260-0309 1949 - 1H, 4TH G/FR-G/VG $5.00 Featuring Susan Hayward, Shirley Temple, Victor Mature, Barbara Stanwyck (1/30, 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 9/26)

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
D1260-0001 Seein' Stars 1934/09 - 25 4x6R G $25.00 by Feg Murray
D1260-0002 Seein' Stars 1936/05 - 20 4x6R G $20.00 by Feg Murray
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