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Newlyweds, The by George McManus & Albert Carmichael (1050-) 1st Appearance April 10, 1904 - The Newlyweds were the first married couple creation of George McManus.   The Newlyweds were a gag sunday-only strip which portrayed a sickly-sweet life of marital bliss between the starring couple.   Each week would be a celebration of their love with a dash of sillyness mixed in.  Baby Snookums was added later to gum up the works and give the strip a lift.   McManus originally created the Newlyweds for the Pulitzer syndicate, but would be enticed to jump to Hearst in 1912.   At that point, the named strip was taken over by Albert Carmichael while McManus would continue the antics of the Newlyweds under the title 'Their Only Child'.   Carmichael successfully mimicked the charm that McManus put into the strip until 1917 when he passed away.   The market for Newlyweds is fairly strong.   Collectors navigate to McManus-era color fulls when available, but half-size versions also sell quite well.   Carmichael versions sell almost as well.

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1050-0001 1910/10/09 - F G/G/G $8.00 on reverse BW Stepbrothers by Gene Carr(H), BW Ophelia by Clare Swiggins(H)
S1050-0002 1911/12/24 - F G/G/G $8.00 on reverse BW Skeezicks by Follett(H), BW Mr. Al Most by Gene Carr(H)
S1050-0003 1912 - 2H G/G/G $8.00 on reverse BWO Stepbrothers by Gene Carr(1H)
S1050-0004 1914 - 1H FR-G/FR/G $1.00 'It was a grand day for fishing too', no reverse
S1050-0005 1914? - 1H G/G/G $5.00 (RAC)'Snookums does a turn in Black Face', on reverse BWO Tenderfoot by Vic Forsythe
S1050-0006 1914? - 1H G/G/VG $3.00 'Snookums likes to see his father work', no reverse
S1050-0007 1914? - 1H G/G/VG $3.00 'Snookums will select their summer home', no reverse
S1050-0008 1914? - 1H G/G/G $2.50 'It's a ill wind that doesn't profit Snookums', on reverse BWO Spareribs & Gravy
S1050-0009 1914? - 1H G/G/G $2.50 'Snookums welcomes the glad new year', on reverse BWO Uncle Crabapple
S1050-0010 1914? - 1H G/G/G $2.50 'Snookums makes an important decision', on reverse BWP Mr. Hubby
S1050-0011 1914? - 1H G/G/G $2.50 'Snookums likes to hear 'em announce the trains', on reverse BWP Mr. Hubby
S1050-0012 1914? - 1H G/G/G $2.50 'Snookums shows signs of artistic temperament', on reverse BWP Mr. Al
S1050-0013 1914? - 1H G/FR-G/G $2.00 'It was such a Playful Dog', on reverse BWO Buddy's Daddy

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