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Invisible Scarlet O'Neil (Scarlet & Chips, Stainless Steel) by Russell Stamm (0660-) - 1st Daily June 3, 1940 - Scarlet O'Neil was a moderately popular Superhero strip created during the golden age of comic-books.  Scarlet has the power to turn invisible on demand which she uses to fight the crime and the Axis.  Drawn in silhouette when invisible (ala Wonder Woman's airplane), Scarlet posed a striking figure which attracted readers toward her storylines.   The artwork of Scarlet O'Neil, mostly by Russell Stamm her creator,  was somewhat stiff but invariably clean.    For close to a decade Stamm had Scarlet fighting crime, until he decided to take advantage of popularity of the western genre of the 1950's.    Scarlet lost her powers, moved west,  and became a horse opera strip for the remainder of the run through the mid-1950's.  The market for Invisible Scarlet O'Neil is only mediocre when compared to her superhero contemporaries like Flying Jenny.   Only offered as Halfs or smaller, runs of Scarlet can be obtained rather economically.    Dailies sell about as well as sundays. (14/3)
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0660-0001 1941/01/19 - H FR-G/FR-G/G $2.00 On reverse Junket ad(H)
S0660-0002 1942/06/07 - H G/FR-G/G $2.00 No reverse
S0660-0003 1943/07/11 - H FR-G/FR-G/G $2.00 no reverse
S0660-0004 1943/08/08 - T G/G/G $3.00 On reverse Out Our Way
S0660-0005 1943/10/31 - T FR/FR/G $1.00 On reverse Ella Cinders
S0660-0006 1943/11/14 - TH G/G/G $1.00 no reverse
S0660-0007 1944/05 - 4T FR/FR-P/G $4.00 On reverse Out Our Way(4HT), This Curious World(4HT)
S0660-0013 1944/10/08 - T G/G/VG $3.00 On reverse Thimble Theatre(H)
S0660-0008 1944 - 2TH G/G/G $1.00 On reverse Grin an' Bear it(1H) (1/30, 3/5)
S0660-0009 1946/02/17 - TH VG/VG/VG $1.00 on reverse Off the Record(1TH)
S0660-0010 1948 - 1T, 4TH G/G/VG $6.00 On reverse Terry & the Pirates(1H) (2/22, 5/9,7/4, 7/11, 11/28)
S0660-0011 1949 - 1T, 4TH, 10HT G/FR-G/G $15.00 on reverse Winnie Winkle(1HT), Gasoline Alley(1HT), Off the Record(1HT), Berrys(1HT), Penny(1HT) (1/2, 2/27, 5/29, 6/12, 6/26-7/24, 8/7, 9/4, 9/25, 11/6-11/20)
S0660-0012 1950 - 4TH G/FR-G/G $4.00 On reverse Ripley's Believe it or Not (1/8, 1/22, 1/29, 4/30)
S0660-0014 1954 - 6H, 6TH G/G/VG $21.00 On reverse Steve Canyon(2TH), Sister(1TH), Little Iodine(3TH), Off the Record(2H), Beetle Bailey(1TH), Gasoline Alley(1TH), Henry(2TH). Mopsy Modes(2SX) (9/5, 9/26, 10/10, 10/17, 10/31-11/14, 11/28-12/26)

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
D0660-0001 Scarlet & Chips 1950/03 - 5 4C G $1.00 by Russell Stamm
D0660-0002 Invisible Scarlet O'Neil 1950/12 - 26 5C G $8.00 by Russell Stamm
D0660-0003 Invisible Scarlet O'Neil 1953/02 - 24 4C G $8.00 by Russell Stamm
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