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Gene Autry (Rides!) by Till Goodan, Gerald Geraghty, Bert Laws & Bob Stevens - (0570-) 1st Appearance 1940 - Gene Autry was featured in two incarnations in the comic strips, the first by Goodan and Geraghty in the early 1940's and the second by Laws and Stevens in the 1950's.    The strips largely copied Autry's movie matinee formula where Gene would heroically battle cattle-rustlers and the like in continuous storylines lasting a few months at a time.   Of the two versions, the earlier which was illustrated by famed western artist Till Goodan was far higher quality.  Periodically Goodan would include a single large panoramic panel in his weekly offering, making these pages especially impressive.   Both eras of the strip sell extremely well at a premium in any size, however a full-size version of the first sunday sells at a very high premium.   The later version had both a daily and sunday strip which are very hard to keep in stock. 
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Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0570-0001 1940/03/03 - H G/G/G $16.00 On reverse Broncho Bill by Harry O'Neill
S0570-0002 1940/06/30 - H G/G/G $16.00 On reverse It's Pape who Pay w/Paper Doll by Jimmy Murphy
S0570-0008 1940/07/07 - F G-VG/G/VG $16.00 Half on Full w/Lifebuoy/Rinso ad(H), On reverse Tillie the Toiler by Russ Westover w/Paper Doll(F).
S0570-0009 1940/07/14 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Terry and the Pirates by Milton Caniff
S0570-0010 1940/07/21 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Tillie the Toiler(H - Bottom Cut)
S0570-0011 1940/07/28 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Mr. & Mrs. by Clare Briggs
S0570-0003 1940/08/11 - F BWBR G-VG/G/VG $8.00 Half on Full w/BWBR Captain & the Kids(H), on reverse Right around Home by Dudley Fisher(F)
S0570-0004 1940/08/25 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 on reverse Timid Soul by HT Webster
S0570-0005 1940/09/08 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Dixie Dugan by Striebel & McEvoy
S0570-0006 1940/12/01 - H G/FR-G/VG $16.00 On reverse You know How it is by Michael Berry
S0570-0007 1941/01/26 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Mr. & Mrs by Clare Briggs
S0570-0012 1941/03/23 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse You Know How It Is by Michael Berry
S0570-0013 1941/03/30 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Our Bill by Harry Haenigsen
S0570-0014 1941/04/06 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Off the Record by Ed Reed
S0570-0015 1941/04/20 - H G-VG/G/VG $16.00 On reverse Off the Record by Ed Reed

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
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