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Connie by Frank Godwin (0320-) 1st Sunday November 13, 1927, 1st Daily May 13, 1929 - The popularity of Connie in collectorís circles is directly attributable to the talent of the stripís creator Frank Godwin. Godwin is acknowledged to be not only a wonderful cartoonist but as one of Americaís great artists,  a rare height that few professionals reach.  Connie began in 1927 as one of the typical Flapper strips of the roaring 20ís. The strip would evolve into an adventure strip in the early 30ís as the depression forced many of the flappers to get a job. The big draw for collectorís would come in the mid-to-late 30ís when the strip dabbled in science fiction. Throughout all of these eras, the artwork of Frank Godwin was a wonderful constant.  Sales of full-page full-size Connie are brisk, the sci-fi strips of the late 30ís sell at a very high premium and are rarely offered. The dailies are ever rarer and also sell very well. (160)

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0320-0040 1931/05/24 - T G/G/VG $7.00 On reverse Gasoline Alley by Frank King
S0320-0044 1931/08/02 - F FR/G/FR $4.00 On reverse Dumb Dora by Paul Fung
S0320-0055 1931/12/20 - F G/G/G $12.00 On reverse Somebody's Stenog by AE Hayward
S0320-0057 1931/12/27 - F FR/FR/FR $3.00 On reverse Somebody's Stenog by AE Hayward
S0320-0064 1932/03/13 - F P/P/G $1.00 On reverse Bungle Family by HJ Tuthill
S0320-0157 1933/12/10 - H G-VG/G/VG $5.00 On reverse Smitty bhy Walter Berndt
S0320-0085 1933/12/31 - F FR/FR/G $4.00 On reverse Nipper by Clare Dwiggins
S0320-0096 1934/03/11 - F G/G/VG $5.00 Half on Full w/Lux ad(H), On reverse Hairbreadth Harry by CW Kahles
S0320-0099 1934/04/01 - F BWO G/G/G $4.00 On reverse Joe Jinks by Vic Forsythe
S0320-0103 1934/04/22 - H G/G/G $5.00 On reverse Nipper by Clare Dwiggins
S0320-0110 1934/06/10 - F G/G/VG $12.00 On reverse Ben Webster by Jay Jerome Williams
S0320-0113 1934/12/30 - F BW G/G/VG $5.00 On reverse BR Buck Rogers by Nowlan & Calkins
S0320-0118 1935/12/08 - T VG/VG/VG $5.00 On reverse Joe Palooka by Ham Fisher

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