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Whole Sunday Sections

Note that the Strips and sizes are quoted from the first(earliest) edition in each set.  Although content mostly stays consistent, any given edition may have strip and size variations.    

Middletown Record (Middletown, NY) - Sundays
Title Date-# Size Price Strips
W050-0001 1972 - 35 Full-color Sections  (Missing 1/1-2/27, 11/12-12/31) 3-Fulls each $70.00 Prince Valiant(H), Blondie(TH), Tales from the Great Book(TH), Hi & Lois(TH), Peanuts(TH), Wizard of ID(TH), Andy Capp(TH), Tiger(TH) Barney Google(TH), Half Hitch(TH), Nancy(TH), Beetle Bailey(TH), Sesame Street(TH), They'll do it ev'ry time(TH), Dennis the Menace(TH), Small Society(TH), Archie(TH)

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