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Roosevelt Bears, The by Paul Piper,  V. Floyd Campbell & RK Culver (1240-) - An obscure but historically important strip, The Roosevelt Bears was the epitome of pop culture in the early 20th century.   Drawn from the popular depiction of the president of the day, Theodore Roosevelt, the Bears was a high quality sunday-only page showing a family/group of bears encountering scenes of modern life (most of which were actually enountered in Roosevelts life).   The storylines were often given in verse which added to the charm of the pieces.   Inspite the presidential depiction, the pages are not intended to be serious political commentary.  They are light satire, with virtually no connection with newsworthy events of that era.   Each page was drawn beautifully and stand alone as masterpieces.  These are also some of the rarest pages on the market.    As such, they warrant one of the highest premiums of any pages from that era, similar to McCay's Nemo and Denslow's OZ pages.

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S1240-0001 1906/04/01 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears take an automobile ride', No reverse
S1240-0002 1906/04/08 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears at Harvard', No reverse
S1240-0003 1906/04/15 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears sail down Boston Bay', No reverse
S1240-0004 1906/04/22 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Arrive in New York', No reverse
S1240-0005 1906/04/29 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Advertise for a Guide', No reverse
S1240-0006 1906/05/06 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears See a Circus', No reverse
S1240-0007 1906/05/13 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Put Out a Fire', No reverse
S1240-0008 1906/05/20 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears See the Wax Musee', No reverse
S1240-0009 1906/05/27 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Visit West Point', No reverse
S1240-0010 1906/06/03 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Play Baseball', No reverse
S1240-0011 1906/06/10 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Arrive in Philadelphia', No reverse
S1240-0012 1906/06/17 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Entertain Philadelphia Children', No reverse
S1240-0013 1906/06/24 - F BW G/FR-G/G $60.00 'The Bears Spend a day at Atlantic City', No reverse

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