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Jolly Jingles by Dudley Fisher (0710-) - Before he created Right Around Home starring the precocious Myrtle, Dudley Fisher was applying his considerable talents to the Sunday Magazine pages.   His headline page was called Jolly Jingles, which appered in quite a few papers in the 1920's and 1930's.   The theme of Jolly Jingles was a weekly seasonal or cultural rhyme intertwined with scene art in support.  In most, the center of the pages were wonderfully detailed,  full-page-length beauties.   Action was a staple in these, the actors are rarely standing still.  The fantastic artwork breaks through the panel barrier to make a panorama which rivals the eye-appeal of Frank King's special Gasoline Alley scenic pages.     These pages are a special treat that all but the most ardent collectors have ever seen.

Sunday Comics

Item # Date-#-size* Condition* Price Notes
S0710-0001 1922/08 - 3F BW VG/VG/VG $7.50 Tab-Size on Full w/news columns, no reverse
S0710-0002 1925/12/06 - F G/G/G $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0003 1925/12/13 - F VG/VG/G $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0004 1925/12/20 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0005 1925/12/27 - F VG/VG/VG $9.00 New Year's Page, no reverse
S0710-0006 1926/07/04 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0007 1926/07/11 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0008 1926/07/18 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0009 1926/07/25 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0010 1926/08/08 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0011 1926/08/15 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0012 1926/08/22 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0013 1926/08/29 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0014 1926/11/14 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0015 1927/02/06 - F VG/VG/VG $9.00 Valentine Day Page, no reverse
S0710-0016 1927/02/13 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0017 1927/02/20 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0018 1927/02/27 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0019 1927/03/06 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0020 1927/03/20 - F VG/VG/VG $7.00 no reverse
S0710-0021 1931 - 1F VG/VG/VG $6.00 'Annabelle & Flo' dinghy, no reverse

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