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Advertisements from the Sunday Comics
Item # Product Date-#-Size Condition* Price Notes
A001-0140 Aerowax/Aeromist 1946/04/28 - H G/G/VG $1.00 On reverse Warrens Chewing Gum ad(TH)
A001-0139 Beech-Nut Gum 1932/12/04 - F G/G/G-VG $10.00 Racial Depictions, On reverse Hairbreadth Harry/High-Gear Homer by FO Alexander(F)
A001-0141 Beech-Nut Gum 1939/07/30 - H G/G/VG $1.00 No reverse
A001-0049 Bendix Aviation 1943-44 - 18H G/G/G-VG $18.00 featuring Captain Ben Dix, on reverse Toots & Casper(2TH), Right around Home(1H), Tippie(1TH) (1943: 7/25, 9/5, 9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14, 11/28, 12/12, 1944: 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/19, 4/16, 5/14, 5/28, 6/11)
A001-0142 Bloomington Pantagraph 1930/03/19 - F BW VG/VG/VG $5.00 featuring Big Chief Wahoo and Steve Roper, No reverse
A001-0143 Boy Scouts of America 1943/06/06 - H G/G/VG $3.00 On reverse Little Joe by Joe Leffingwell
A001-0144 Camden Courier-Post 1930s - 1 6x10SQ BW G/G/G $2.00 featuring This Curious World, No reverse
A002-0112 Camel Cigarettes 1937/01/10 - F FR-GG/FR-G/G $2.00 featuring Sig Buchmayr champion Skier(pic), on reverse BWRY The Gumps by Gus Edson(T)
A002-0113 Camel Cigarettes 1937/03/07 - H G/G/VG $3.00 featuring Evelyn Chandler Figure Skater(pic), No reverse
A002-0114 Camel Cigarettes 1938/06/26 - F FR-P/P/G $1.00 featuring Antoinette Concello High Wire Acrobat & Terrell Jacobs Lion Tamer(pic), on reverse Always Belittlin'/Skippy by Percy Crosby(F)
A002-0115 Camel Cigarettes 1938/05/15 - F FR-G/FR/G $3.00 featuring Francis Dolan Ships Quartermaster(pic),  On reverse Gasoline Alley(H), Harold Teen(H)
A003-0109 Camel Cigarettes 1936/11/29 - H G/G/G $3.00 featuring Lawrence Griswold Explorer(pic),  No reverse
A003-0110 Camel Cigarettes 1936/12/27 - H FR-G/FR-G/G $2.00 featuring Kit Klein Speed Skater,  No reverse
A004-0116 Camel Cigarettes 1937/02/21 - H G/G/VG $3.00 featuring Al Mingalore Newsreel Cameraman(pic),  On reverse BWP Little Orphan Annie/Maw Green by Harold Gray (T)
A004-0117 Camel Cigarettes 1942/12/20 - H G/G/VG $2.00 featuring Santa Claus, No reverse
A005-0104 Camel Cigarettes 1933/07/09 - F G-VG/G/VG $5.00 'It's Fun to be fooled' Magic Trick Ad  On reverse Nebbs(H), Toonerville Folks(H)
A006-0103 Cheerioats 1940's - 3H, 6TH, 1HT G/G/G $4.00 featuring Joe Cheerioats/Joe Cheerios, No reverse
A007-0149 Chicago Tribune 1940/03/30 - BW G/G/G $5.00 featuring 1st Chicago Tribune Comic Boo Insert,  No reverse
A007-0150 Coca-Cola 1943/06/27 - TH G/G/VG $1.00 On reverse The Ripples by George Clark(H)
A007-0152 Diamond D-X 1941/10/26 - T G-FR-G/G $6.00 featuring Walt Disney's Dumbo comics premium, on reverse Rockey Mason by Jimmy Swinnerton(T)
A007-0151 Drug Store 1957 - 2F G-VG/G/VG $4.00 'King-Size Values' & 'Vacation Needs', both pages are double-sided
A009-0110 Huskies 1937/05/16 - H G/FR-G/G $18.00 featuring Lou Gehrig(pic), No reverse
A010-0106 Kix Cereal 1941/06/22 - H G/G/G $6.00 Featuring The Lone Ranger Danger Warning Siren Premium, On reverse Smokey Stover(H - top-cut)
A010-0107 Kix Cereal 1945/06/10 - H G/G/G $4.00 Featuring Airbase box cut-outs, On reverse Right Around Home(TH)
A010-0055 Kool-aid 1965 - 2TH G/G/G $2.00 featuring Bugs Bunny & Looney Tunes characters, On reverse Smitty(1TH)
A010-0109 Lionel Construction Sets 1947/11/16 - H P/P/FR $1.00 No reverse
A010-0108 Lionel Trains 1932/12/11 - H VG/VG/VG $5.00 On reverse High-Gear Homer(SX)
A011-0117 Lucky Strike 1938/01/30 - F G/G/VG $5.00 featuring Robert Taylor, no reverse
A011-0118 Lux 1935 - 1T G/G/G $3.00 featuring Barbara Stanwyck 'The Duke's Duck Soup for Dixie', on reverse Harold Teen(T)
A012-0116 Minute Tapioca 1932/04/02 - F G/FR-G/G $5.00 'Jimmy and Jane in Far-Off Java', On reverse Dinglehoofer/Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr(F)
A012-0117 Movie ad 1950/07/02 - H FR-G/FR-G/EX $5.00 'Treasure Island' Walt Disney's, On reverse Tiny Tim(TH)
A013-0105 Mrs.Butterworth's Syrup 1961/12/03 - TH G/G/G $1.00 No reverse
A013-0106 Ovaltine 1937/02/21 - F G/G/G $2.00 'It just can't sleep it seems', On reverse Somebody's Stenog(H), Hairbreadth Harry(H)
A014-0124 Pepsi-Cola 1941 - 3H, 1TH G/FR-G/G $6.00 featuring Pepsi & Pete by Rube Goldberg, On reverse Barney Google(1H), Moon Mullins(1H)
A014-0125 Pepsodent 1938/05/01 - H G/G/VG $5.00 featuring 'Manager Mac' Moving Motion Picture Machine premium & Disney's Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, No reverse
A014-0085 Philadelphia Record 1940s - 1 6x11R BW G/G/G $2.00 featuring The Spirit Lady Luck, Mr. Mystic. No reverse.
A014-0124 Philadelphia Record 1940s - 1 4x22R BW G/G/G $2.00 featuring Dick Tracy, Tim Tyler's Luck, Tarzan, Dan Dunn. No reverse.
A015-0110 Plymouth Autos 1946/04/21 - TH FR-G/FR-G/G $1.00 featuring Chuck Carson, on reverse Arrid Deodorant ad(TH)
A015-0111 Popsicle 1952 - 1HT G/G/G $2.00 featuring Major Mars' Rocket Ring, On reverse Smokey Stover/Spooky(HT)
A015-0112 Post Grape-Nuts 1946/04/01 - H G/G/G $1.00 featuring Circus Book Premium,  On reverse Old Dutch Cleanser ad(TH)
A016-0003 Post Toasties 1937/05/09 - H FR/FR/G $1.00 featuring Melvin Purvis(pic) 'The Window Sill Give Away', no reverse
A016-0109 Quaker Puffed Rice/Wheat 1934/04/15 - F G-VG/G-VG/VG $100.00 featuring Babe Ruth(pic) Baseball Premiums, on reverse Always Belittlin'/Skippy by Percy Crosby
A017-0104 Ralston Cereals 1938/10/23 - H FR-P/FR-P/G $1.00 featuring Tom Mix(pic) Flashlight Premium, On reverse King of the Royal Mounted(H)
A019-0095 View-Master 1950's - 1TH G/G/G $1.00 No reverse
A019-0100 War Bond & collections ads 1940s - 2 5x6R BW G/G/G $2.00 featuring, Comic Strip Characters, No reverse
A020-0077 Wheaties 1939/08/20 - H G-VG/G/VG $12.00 featuring Joe Medwick, On reverse Barney Google(H)

Daily Comics Sets

Item # Title Date-# Size* Condition* Price Notes
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