Newly Listed Comics - June 14th, 2020

Andy Madura's Comics & Paper Collectibles

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Advertisements from the Sunday Comics

Item # Product Date-#-Size Condition* Price Notes
A016-0032 Postum 1940/08/18 - H G/G/G $1.00 by Joe King featuring 'Joe Gets a new Dad', no reverse
A016-0034 Postum 1948-49 - 2H, 16TH, 1HT G/G/G $4.00 featuring Mr. Coffee Nerves (Flying), no reverse
A016-0038 Presto Cookery 1946 - 1T FR-G/FR-G/G $1.00 no reverse
A017-0059 Ralston Cereals 1934/12/02 - F FR-G/FR-G/G $6.00 featuring Tom Mix(pic) Branding Iron Premium, No reverse
A018-0044 Rinso 1930-50's - 8H, 10TH G/G/G $5.00 No reverse
A018-0063 Scotch Tape 1956 - 1VH G/G/G $3.00 featuring Disney's Brer Rabbit & Disneyland Trip contest, No reverse
A018-0064 Scott's Emulsion 1938 - 8H G/G/G $2.75 No reverse
A018-0068 Sealtest Orange Juice 1961/01/08 - F FR-G/FR-G/G $3.00 featuring Gene Barry as Bat Masterson's Hatful of money contest, On reverse Terry & the Pirates(H), Gasoline Alley(H)
A018-0072 Seven-Up 1940-50's- 43TH, 1HT G/G/G $8.75 No reverse
A018-0090 Spic 'n Span 1940's-50's - 3H, 13TH, 2HT G/G/G $4.00 No reverse
A018-0095 State Farm Insurance 1945/11/07 - F BW G/G/G $5.00 featuring Ripley's Believe it or Not (Atom Bomb), no reverse
A019-0001 Studebaker 1946 - 1T G/FR-G/G $1.00 No reverse
A019-0017 SuperSuds 1930-40's - 4T, 15H (1T is BW) G/G/G $6.00 No reverse
A019-0018 SuperSuds 1940-50's- 14TH, 1HT G/G/G $3.00 No reverse
A019-0054 True Story Magazine 1947 - 1T, 1TH G/G/VG $1.25 On reverse Spic n Span ad(1T)
A019-0085 Vaseline Hair Tonic 1950's- 7H G/G/G $2.25 featuring 'Rusty and Dusty', No reverse
A019-0086 Vaseline Hair Tonic 1950's- 23TH, 1HT G/G/G $4.75 featuring 'Rusty and Dusty', No reverse
A019-0087 Vaseline Hair Tonic 1940's- 8TH G/G/G $2.00 War ads, No reverse
A019-0088 Vaseline Hair Tonic 1940's-50's- 36TH, 3HT G/G/G $7.75 No reverse
A019-0097 View-Master 1950's - 1F G/G/G $3.00 featuring Lassie, No reverse
A019-0099 Walt Disney Comicland 1956/01/08 - F G/G/G $6.00 On reverse The Phantom(TH), Pacquin's ad(TH), Ben-Gay ad(TH)
A020-0001 Warren's Gum 1940's -1T, 1TH G/G/G $1.00 No reverse
A020-0017 Wheaties 1939 - 1H FR/FR/FR $1.00 featuring Joe Medwick, On reverse Timid Soul(H)
A020-0037 Wilson Chemical 1941/02/23 - H G/G/G $1.00 Featuring Multiple Premiums, No reverse
A020-0055 Woodbury Soap 1946/02/10 - T FR-G/FR-G/G $2.00 Featuring Paulette Goddard(pic), No reverse

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