Newly Listed Comics - June 7th, 2020

Andy Madura's Comics & Paper Collectibles

Andrew Madura, 1265 Fran Mar Ct, Clermont, FL 34711


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Advertisements from the Sunday Comics

Item # Product Date-#-Size Condition* Price Notes
A011-0002 Listerine Antiseptic & Toothpaste 1940's - 11H G/G/G $3.00 no reverse
A011-0003 Listerine Toothpaste 1940-50's - 43TH, 3HT G/G/G $10.00 no reverse
A011-0049 Macon News 1940's - 4x9R BW G/G/G $4.00 featuring The Phantom, No reverse
A011-0060 Masland Rugs 1946 - 1T G/FR-G/G $1.00 No reverse
A011-0069 Mentholatum 1950's - 18TH G/G/G $3.50 most featuring 'Cold Demons', No reverse
A011-0070 Mercury 8 1940's - 3H G/G/G $1.00 no reverse
A011-0087 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1939/09/08 - F BW G/G/G $4.00 featuring Jane Arden, L'il SAbner, Captain & the Kids, Gumps, Tippie, Dick Tracy, Smilin' Jack, FRoom & Board, Etta Kett, Harold Teen, Henry, Grin & Bear It, Smokey Stover, Bringing Up Father, Lone Ranger, No reverse
A011-0092 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1940/10/21 - H BW G/G/G $3.00 featuring Lil Abner - Sadie Hawkins Day, No reverse
A011-0093 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1940/10/22 - F BW G/G/G $10.00 featuring The Spirit - 7 comic pages, No reverse
A011-0094 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1940/10/29 - F BW G/G/G $6.00 featuring Lady Luck - 4 comic pages, No reverse
A011-0095 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1940/12/11 - F BW G/G/G $25.00 featuring The Spirit - 7 comic pages, No reverse
A011-0096 Minneapolis Star-Journal 1940/12/27 - 6x22R BW G/G/G $6.00 featuring The Spirit, No reverse
A012-0004 Minneapolis Tribune 1942/06/03 -  10x13R BW G/G/G $8.00 featuring The Spirit reprinting dailies from 6/3-6/6, No reverse
A013-0030 Nestle's Chocolate 1930's - 15H G/G/G $5.00 featuring Nestle's Nest,  On reverse Clarence (H)
A013-0052 Old Dutch Cleanser 1940's - 1H, 17TH G/FR-G/G $3.75 No reverse
A014-0003 Oxydol 1930-50's - 41H G/G/G $12.00 No reverse
A014-0004 Oxydol 1940-50's - 43TH G/G/G $8.50 No reverse
A014-0008 Pacquin's Hand Cream 1940-50's - 15TH G/G/G $3.00 No reverse
A014-0016 Parker Pens 1946 - 1T FR-G/FR/G $1.00 No reverse
A014-0048 Pepsodent 1930-50's - 13H G/G/G $4.25 No reverse
A014-0049 Pepsodent 1940-50's - 13TH G/G/G $2.50 No reverse
A014-0050 Pepto-Bismol/ Unguentine 1940's - 26TH, 2HT G/G/G $5.50 No reverse
A014-0061 Philadelphia Inquirer 1938 - 2 4x8R BW G/G/G $8.00 featuring intro of Donald Duck Daily Comic Strip. No reverse.
A014-0099 Phillip Morris Cigarettes 1940-50's - 20H G/G/G $6.75 No reverse
A014-0100 Phillip Morris / Cigarettes 1940-50's - 30TH, 4HT G/G/G $6.75 No reverse
A015-0013 Pond's Cold Cream 1940's - 3H, 9TH, 3HT G/G/G $3.00 No reverse
A015-0034 Post Cereals 1947 - 11H, 1HT G/G/G $3.75 featuring Cheeko the Great - Boy Ventriloquist, no reverse
A015-0063 Post Grape-Nuts 1948 - 5T, 12H, 1TH G/G/G $5.75 featuring Fireball Twigg,  No reverse

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