Newly Listed Comics - November 4th 2018

Andy Madura's Comics & Paper Collectibles

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Advertisements from the Sunday Comics
Item # Product Date-#-Size Condition* Price Notes
A001-0037 Aunt Jemima 1951/04/01 - TH G/FR-G/G $1.00 featuring Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose Salt & Pepper Set, on reverse Smitty(HT), Winnie Winkle(HT)
A005-0021 Camel Cigarettes 1933/11/19 - H G/G/VG $3.00 featuring Mike Thompson Football Referee(pic),  On reverse Ralston ad(Q)
A005-0063 Camel Cigarettes 1933/11/05 - H G/G/VG $3.00 featuring Eddie Woods Bronk Rider(pic),  On reverse Ralston ad(Q)
A005-0102 Camel Cigarettes 1943/10/17 - T VG/VG/VG $2.00 'Funafuti Task Force'  On reverse Off the Record(T)
A010-0032 Kellogg's Corn Flakes 1955/08/28 - VH G/G/G $1.00 Vertical Half, featuring Blue Magic Bubble Blower. No reverse
A013-0055 Ovaltine 1936/01/12 - F VG/VG/VG $2.00 '2 O'Clock Thompson', On reverse Bringing Up Father(H), Katzenjammer Kids(H)
A014-0087 Post Grape-Nuts 1931/11/08 - F FR/FR-P/G $1.00 'Tiny Samson', On reverse Mutt & Jeff by Bud Fisher(F)
A014-0092 Post Grape-Nuts 1935/05/19 - H VG/VG/VG $4.00 featuring Dizzy Dean 'Throws one strike for a putout', No reverse.
A014-0093 Post Grape-Nuts 1935/06/16 - H G/G/VG $4.00 featuring Dizzy Dean 'Misses out on a double-header', No reverse
A015-0090 Prince Albert 1941-42 - 14H G/G/G $3.50 featuring Wonders of America, no reverse (#16-18, 20-22, +8)
A018-0056 Sunoco 1942/10/28- F BW FR/FR/G $2.00 featuring Donald Duck, No reverse
A019-0068 WIP Radio 1942/08/31 - SX BW G/G/G $5.00 Featuring Superman, No reverse

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