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-----Newspaper Volumes----

Shipping for Newpaper Volumes:   Domestic US Shipping for Newspaper Volumes will be initially charged at USPS Parcel Post Rates(see    Bound volumes tend to weigh 15-30 lbs which means I can only fit 2, maybe 3 per package under the Parcel Post 70 lb limit.    On your request, I will ask for Media Mail rate at the Post Office.  Media Mail shipping takes significantly longer and is much less expensive, but there's a catch.    Many Post-Offices won't allow Newspapers to be granted Media Mail classification due to the advertising restriction,  even old bound newspapers.     If Media Mail rate is granted,  I will refund the difference in the shipping price.   Just remember that there's no guarantee I will get that rate.

Note:  Daily Comics, Sunday Comics and Sunday Inserts have been removed or cut out from all Newspaper Volumes

Item # Title Date-# Price Notes
N001-0001 Aberdeen Morning American (SD) (Bound) - Good Condition 1931/12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Schmeling Walker match for title, (2) Sports: Cartoons by Jack Sords, (3) Story:Hoover asks for increased national taxation, (4) Story:Mutiny at Leavenworth Prison, (5) Japs drive to Chinchow China
N001-0002 Albany Knickerbockerl (Bound) - Good Condition 1948/09-10 $40.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Lift Berlin Blockade Hinted, (2)Stories:Gale Hits New Orleans, (3) Headline: Russians 'Bare' Allied spy plot, (4) headline: Argentina seizes 14 in plot to kill Peron & Wife, (5) Sports: Indians Win 4-3 Take Series, (6) Sports: Stengel signs 2-yr pact to pilot Yanks, (7) Sports:Joe Louis to risk title again in June match
N001-0003 Albuquerque Journal (Bound) - Fair Condition 1942/10-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Stalingrad Struggle, (2) Allies rout Rommel's army, (3) Movie ad: Bambi, (4) Headline: American Troops close in on Casablanca, (5) Serial: Dead Yellow Women by Dashiell Hammett
N001-0004 Denver Times (Bound) - Good Condition 1925/11 $30.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Armistice Day 1925, (2) Story:Death of Illustrator J. Campbell Cory, (3) Story: Hinderburg approved Lucarno pact, (4)Headline: Paris Government Crisis/Coup  (5) Story: Strangler Lewis Wrestles locally
N001-0005 Enid Eagle (Unbound with boards) - Good Condition 1951/05-06 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Reasons behind dismissal invalid states Macarthur, (2) Stories:Thousands of fresh reds advance despite violent allied air attacks, (3) Sports: Joe Louis-Lee Savold fight moved to the garden, (4) Sports: Stan Musial, Ferris Fain pace batters, (5) Story: Armistice talks proposed by Soviet.
N001-0006 Galveston News (Bound) - Good Condition 1925/03-04 $40.00 Features:    (1) Headline:Calvin Cooledge Inauguration,  (2) Serial story:Babeer Son of Kazan, (3) Headline:Death Of Charles Culbertson, (4) Headline:Tornadoes kill 848 in 5 states (5) Headlines:Teapot Dome Oil Scandal breaks  (6) Story:Lillian Gish Lawsuit   (7) Story:Babe Ruth Breakdown, (8) Story:Jack Dempsey preps for Harry Wills fight
N001-0007 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1950/03-04 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline:Fuchs gets 14 Years in Atomic Spy Trial, (2) Headline:Reds refuse evacuation of 1600 in Shanghai, (3)Story: Lattimore arrives to face McCarthy, (4) McCarthy, Tydings clash over report, (5) Advertisement: 2-pg Sally League opening, Macon Peaches
N001-0008 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1951/01-02 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Red Troops 15 miles from Seoul (2) Story:Ridgeway Claims Decisive Korean Victory
N001-0009 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1960/11-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Cuba criticizes US stand on Guantanamo, (2) Senator Kennedy elected president, (3) Kennedy's wife gives birth to son, (4) Airliners collide kill 125, (5)  Robert Kennedy appointed
N001-0010 Macon News (Bound no Boards) - Good Condition 1975/11-12 $20.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Karen Quinlan, should she die?, (2) Sports: Seaver gets 3rd Cy Young, (3) Stories: Ford in China, (4) Sports: Hawks beat Portland and Bill Walton, (5) Story: Euell Gibbons dies
N001-0011 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1951/11-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Special Edition:100th Anniversary Edition of the Macon Telegraph,   (2) Stories:Temporary Cease Fire in Korea, (3) Advertising:The Day the Earth Stool Still starring Michael Rennie
N001-0012 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1963/07-08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Sports: Aarons 23rd homer fatal to Giants, (2) Story: US Clamps embargo on all cuban holdings, (3) Wondrous Willie 'steals' show, Nationals roll in All-stars, (4) Story: Kennedys infant dies, (5) Story: US Viet Nam Diplomatic clash. 
N001-0013 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1965/07-08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Sports: Ex peach Pete Rose Names NL All-star, (2) Story: Cong surrounds Viet Nam post, (3) Movie ad: Mary Poppins, (4) Sports: Joe Namath record contract, (5) Story:Lester Maddox says rights drive worse than Viet Nam, (6) Sports: Jack Nicklaus favored in PGS meet, (7) Story: 8-day Spaceflight by Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad.  
N001-0014 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1967/03-04 $25.00 Features:    (1) Story: Bobby Kennedy urges bombing pause, (2) Headline: Witness says he heard trio plot to kill JFK, (3) Sports: Clay and Patterson to fight again, (4) Sports: 76ers and Wilt Chamberlain favored in playoffs
N001-0015 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1974/11-12 $25.00 Features:    (1) HeadlineL Hank Aaron traded to Milwaukee, (2) Jimmy Carter announces Presidential Candidacy, (3) Minnesota Oakland Super Bowl Prep stories,  (4) Sports review 1974 with Ali/Foreman
N001-0016 McAllister News-Capital (unbound - with Boards) - Good Condition 1955/01-03 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story:Eisenhower signs Formosa defense pact  (2) Wilt Chamberlain signs first professional contract, (3)Headline:Bulganin new USSR Premier, (4)Advertisement:Hamms Beer
N001-0017 Minneapolis Journal (Bound) - Good Condition 1931/08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story:4 bandits rob Hinckley Bank, (2) Story:Lindberghs reach Point Barrow, (3) Serial: Daughters of the Depression by Mary Day Winn, (4) Story:New Chicago-New York Airspeed record by Frank Hawks, (5)Baseball coverage featuring Lefty Grove and Babe Ruth, (6) Column: Abe Martin Sez, (7) Baseball coverage: A's of Al Simmons and Mickey Cochrane
N001-0018 Minneapolis Journal (Bound) - Good Condition 1937/12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story:Steel Ring around Germany broken, (2) Sports: Gehringer officially wins batting crown, (3) Jap planes sink US Gunboat, (4) Movies: Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell in "The Perfect Specimen", (5) StoryL Atoms smashed and weighed at U.M. lab, (6) Story: Us Raid Jap Ships
N001-0019 Minneapolis Tribune (Bound - No Boards) - Good Condition 1927/04 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story:NY Giants lose Travis Jackson to injury (2)Advertisement: Chevrolet, (3)Advertisement: Whippet Automobile, (4)Story: Jack Dempsey greatest boxer ever (5)Story:Memphis Tennessee Floods (6)Story:Babe Ruth face off Rogers Hornsby (7)Serial: For the Children's Sake by Fanny Hurst, art Raeburn Van Buren (8)Story:New Orleans Dike Burst
N001-0020 Minneapolis Tribune (Bound - No Boards) - Good Condition 1942/07-08 $45.00 Features:    (1) Serial:The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck, (2)Headline:British Encircle Rommel, (3)Headline: Russians retreat on 4 fronts, (4) Midway victory in detail, (5) Advertisement: WPB Emergency statement for Scrap Iron and Steel, (6)Serial: Spies!, (7) Story:Chiang, a military phenomenon, (8)Story:Pacific Coast Blackout Ordered, (9)Headline:Blast Japs in Aleutians, (10)Headline: Duke of Kent dies in Crash!
N001-0021 Nashville Banner (Bound) - Fair/Poor Condition 1927/01-03 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Tris Speaker & Ty Cobb banished, then reinstated from baseball, (2) Story: Scopes Case final, (3) Feg Murray cartoon of Babe Ruth, (4) Story: Battle of Hangchow, (5) Sports: Baseball deals of Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Sam Jones, Frankie Fritsch, Eddie Collins, (6) Story: Jack Sharkey Heavyweight 'Natural', (7) Movie ad: 'Midnight Sun" - bondage (8) Special Edition: St. Patricks day.
N001-0022 Nashville Tennessean (Bound) - Fair Condition 1936/02 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story, New Duke of York, (2) Anti Nazi cartoon,  (3) Stories: Spanish Civil War, (4) Story Dizzy Dean contract squabble, (5) Movie ads: Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers,  Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin, (6) Special: Annual Baby Edition, (7) Military coup in Japan
N001-0023 Palestine(TX) Daily Herald  (unbound) - Fair Condition 1925/03-04 $20.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Wanamaker, Prince of Merchants, dies today, (2) headline: Albert Fall to tell his story of teapot dome lease, (3) Ad: Lucky Strikes with Paul Waner, (4) Story: Byrd expedition to antartica, (5) Ad: Lucky Strikes featuring Willie Hoppe, King Vidor, Paul Waner, (6) Story: Lindbergh takes 'spirit of st. louis' to smithsonian
N001-0024 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1943/01 $75.00 Features:    (1) Headline:312650 Germans wiped out in Stalingrad, (2) Movie ad:Casablanca, (3) Story: Jake Lamotta winner over Jack Wilson, (4) Movie ads: Bambi, Arsenic and old lace starring Boris Karloff
N001-0025 Philadelphia Record (Bound) - Good Condition 1944/01 $45.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Monte Cassino Bombing,  (2) Stories:Battle of Leningrad, (3) Stories:Battle of Rome
N001-0026 Saskatoon Star (Unbound with Boards) - Fair Condition 1918/05-06 $45.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Lloyd George explains Maurice disclosures, (2) Report: Hindenburg dead(Hoax),  (3) Story:Joe Jackson Bright stop of White Sox, (4)Story: US Troops join Britich in Flanders, (5) Story: Memorial of Queen Victoria's 99th birthday, (6)Headline: German Blow Falls (Western front offensive), (7) Story: Attempt to kill King Charles of Austria fails, (8) Headline; Austrians in Retreat
N001-0027 Wichita Eagle (unbound - no Boards) - Fair Condition 1950/11 $15.00 Features:    (1) Stories:UN Troops cross North Korea border, (2) Stories:China enters Korean conflict, (3) Advertising: The Fuller Brush Girl starring Lucille Ball, (4) Advertising:Camel cigarettes featuring John Wayne.  Note: Nov 1 headline is missing.

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