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Shipping for Newpaper Volumes:   The Cheapest Domestic US Shipping for Newspaper Volumes is by UPS (    UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes, only Street addresses.  When ordering, please provide the shipping street address so that I can correctly calculate the shipping cost.   Bound volumes are very large(apprx 24" x 18") and heavy (15-30 lbs each). I can only fit 2, maybe 3 per package before they get too heavy and unwieldy to manage.    

Note:  Most Daily Comics, Sunday Comics and Sunday Inserts have been removed or cut out from all Newspaper Volumes

Item # Title Date-# Price Notes
N001-0001 Aberdeen Morning American (SD) (Bound) - Good Condition 1931/12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Schmeling Walker match for title, (2) Sports: Cartoons by Jack Sords, (3) Story:Hoover asks for increased national taxation, (4) Story:Mutiny at Leavenworth Prison, (5) Japs drive to Chinchow China
N001-0002 Albuquerque Journal (Bound) - Fair/Good Condition 1942/10-12 $25.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Stalingrad Struggle, (2) Allies rout Rommel's army, (3) Movie ad: Bambi, (4) Headline: American Troops close in on Casablanca, (5) Serial: Dead Yellow Women by Dashiell Hammett

Bloomington Pantagraph (IL) (Bound) - Good Condition

1941/10-12 $75.00

Features:    (1) Headline: US declares war on Japs, admits grave hawaiian losses (Pearl Harbor), Nippon claims sea rule.   (2) Story: Japanese land in Phillippines.  (3) Sports: Yankees win series, whip Didgers 3-1. (4) three months of daily comic-strips: Vic Flint, Red Ryder, Blondie, Out Our Way, Side Glances, They'll do it ev'ry time. (5) story: DiMaggio gets American League most Valuable award. (6) Movie ad: Hold That Ghost starring Abbott & Costello


Bloomington Pantagraph (IL) (Bound) - Good Condition

1942/10-12 $30.00

Features:    (1) Sports: Cards win world series by whipping Yanks 4-2.  (2) Headline: Yanks open second front - land on French Colonies in Africa.  (3) Story:  US-Jap Sea Clashes underway in the Solomons. (4) Story: New Red Offensive threatens to trap all Nazis in Caucasus,  (5) story: Allied planes make heaviest raids yet on Bizerte Tunis. (6) one month of daily comic-strips: Red Ryder, Blondie, Chief Wahoo, Mary Worth, Out Our Way, They'll do it ev'ry time.


Bloomington Pantagraph (IL) (Bound) - Good Condition

1943/01-03 $30.00

Features:    (1) Grew early in 1941 warned US of Pearl harbor attack (2)Insert: 1942 in Pictures  (3) German Caucasus army reported in full retreat (4) 3 months of daily comics strips Blondie, Chief Wahoo, Mary Worth, Red Ryder, They'll do it ev'ry time, Out Our way (5) Movie ad 'Road to Morocco' starring Hope & Crosby


Bloomington Pantagraph (IL) (Bound) - Good Condition

1944/01-03 $30.00

Features:    (1) Story: Japs torture murder 7700 Bataan Heroes  (2)Bomb Monastery at Mt. Casino (3) Planes blast Marianas 1300 miles from Tokyo (4) Nazis beaten back at Anzio (5) three months of daily comic-strips: Red Ryder, Blondie, Mary Worth, Chief Wahoo, Out Our Way, Side Glances, They'll do it ev'ry time.


Bloomington Pantagraph (IL) (Bound) - Good Condition

1946/01-03 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: 97 Vessels to supply A-Bomb target in May.  (2) Story: U.S. charges Argentina Nazi Naval Base. (3) Story: Bombay fires destroy grain shops, hit banks. (4) three months of daily comic-strips: Red Ryder, Blondie, Chief Wahoo, Mary Worth, Out Our Way, They'll do it ev'ry time. (5) story: Britain offers complete independence to India. (6) Movie ad: Mildred Pierce starring Joan Crawford


Boston Advertiser (MS) (Unbound) - Fair/Good Condition

1932/11 $10.00

Multiple copies of Sundays only


Camden Post (NJ) (Unbound) - Fair/Good Condition

1932/11 $20.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Roosevelt Landslide predicted by experts. (2) Story: Hitler fails again in bid to control the Reichstag.   (3) Story: Rumor promises blonde star as Chaplin's next bride(Paulette Goddard), (4) Story: Good old days return again as beer flows.


Camden Post (NJ) (Unbound) - Fair/Good Condition

1933/04 $20.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Akron (Dirigible) plunges into the Sea, 8 of 80 aboard rescued  (2) Midnight throngs greet Nickel beer (3) Sports cartoons by Jack Sords


Camden Post (NJ) (Unbound) - Good Condition

1935/11 $25.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Jafsie hints new evidence against Bruno (Hauptmann - Lindberg kidnapper). (2) Picture Story: (Dionne)Quints prepare for wintry blast.  (3) Sports Cartoons by Jack Sords, (4) Entertainment Columns by Walter Winchell. (5) Movie ad: Mutiny on the Bounty starring Clark Gable & Charles Laughton


Camden Post (NJ) (Unbound) - Fair/Good Condition

1936/04 $20.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Duce orders annihilation as Haile flees. (2) Story: Zep (Hindenburg) in distress races home with 88 aboad.   (3) Sports Cartoons by Jack Sords, (4) Entertainment Columns by Walter Winchell. (5) Movie ad: The Singing Kid starring Al Jolson


Chicago News (IL)  (bound) - Good Condition

1944/09 $30.00

Features:    (1) 25 Miles from Germany (2)We invade Reich, report (3)Dewey's Train wrecked  (4)Yanks save Rhine span (5)Yanks rip Manila again (6)British escape Arnhem pocket


Cleveland News (OH) (Unbound) - Fair/Good Condition (Sundays only)

1938/09/02 - 1928/12/23 $15.00

Features:    (1) Hope fades when Amundsen plane float is found (2) Graf Zeppelin in home stretch to land sunday (3) Cardinals win National flag as Giants lose. (4) Ruth refuses to pose with Mr. Hoover


Denver Republican (Bound) - Fair/Good Condition

1906/11-12 $25.00

Features:    (1) Tide is running against (William Randolph) Hearst (2)Old Glory has been seen nearest to North Pole (3)Killed on his own railroad President spencer of the southern railroad


Denver Republican (Bound) - Fair/Good Condition

1909/03-04 $25.00

Features:    (1) Taft inaugurated while Boreas rages (2) Gotch to defend title against clever Mahmout (3) Will veteran Cy Young break Cleveland's Hoodoo (4) (Turkish) Sultan prisoner and at the mercy of invading army.

N001-0017 Detroit Free Press (Bound) - Good Condition 1950/04 $30.00 Features:    (1) McCarthy's career a series of battles (2)Bridges and Hiss and an awakening people  (3)Wings win (Stanley Cup) in overtime (4)Movie ad 'Cinderella" by Walt Disney (5)Gambling and politics linked, Costello says
N001-0018 Enid Eagle (Unbound with boards) - Good Condition 1951/05-06 $25.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Reasons behind dismissal invalid states Macarthur, (2) Stories:Thousands of fresh reds advance despite violent allied air attacks, (3) Sports: Joe Louis-Lee Savold fight moved to the garden, (4) Sports: Stan Musial, Ferris Fain pace batters, (5) Story: Armistice talks proposed by Soviet.
N001-0019 Galveston News (Bound) - Good Condition 1925/03-04 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline:Calvin Cooledge Inauguration,  (2) Serial story:Babeer Son of Kazan, (3) Headline:Death Of Charles Culbertson, (4) Headline:Tornadoes kill 848 in 5 states (5) Headlines:Teapot Dome Oil Scandal breaks  (6) Story:Lillian Gish Lawsuit   (7) Story:Babe Ruth Breakdown, (8) Story:Jack Dempsey preps for Harry Wills fight
N001-0020 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1939/04-06 $30.00 Features:    (1) Hitler talks fail to ease crisis (2) Italians occupy Albanian coast (3) World's fair gate to open tomorrow (4) Famous five girls (Dionnne Quituplets) will be five tomorrow (5) Lou Gehrig has Infantile Paralysis
N001-0021 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1950/03-04 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline:Fuchs gets 14 Years in Atomic Spy Trial, (2) Headline:Reds refuse evacuation of 1600 in Shanghai, (3)Story: Lattimore arrives to face McCarthy, (4) McCarthy, Tydings clash over report, (5) Advertisement: 2-pg Sally League opening, Macon Peaches
N001-0022 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1951/01-02 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Red Troops 15 miles from Seoul (2) Story:Ridgeway Claims Decisive Korean Victory
N001-0023 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1955/07-08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Eisenhower urges Russia to tear down the Iron Curtain  (2) Satellite termed first step toward Conquest of Space (3) Yanks made 7-5 favoritesto win american pennant (4) Unarmed US plane shot down by Reds (5) Peron offer of resignation touches off mass protests.
N001-0024 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1960/11-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Cuba criticizes US stand on Guantanamo, (2) Senator Kennedy elected president, (3) Kennedy's wife gives birth to son, (4) Airliners collide kill 125, (5)  Robert Kennedy appointed
N001-0025 Macon News (Bound) - Good Condition 1970/01-02 $30.00 Features:    (1) Manning and rebels can do no wrong (2)Terry Bradshaw pros No 1 draft (3)Arnie's (Palmer) man of decade (4) New champ (Joe Frazier) a black rock (5) US resumes B52 Viet strikes after respite
N001-0026 Macon News (Bound no Boards) - Good Condition 1975/11-12 $20.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Karen Quinlan, should she die?, (2) Sports: Seaver gets 3rd Cy Young, (3) Stories: Ford in China, (4) Sports: Hawks beat Portland and Bill Walton, (5) Story: Euell Gibbons dies

Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1931/07-08 $30.00

Features:    (1) Schmeling wins over Stribling by Knockout  (2) Yankee fence busters waging battle for second place finish in american (3) Gang Leader (Al Capone) faces longer punishment than he bargained


Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1932/01-02 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Gandhi and Patel jailes as India approaches a new state of war. (2) Headline: MacArthur returns to the Phillippines.   (3) Sports: Schmeling decides to offer Sharkey a shot at Heavyweight Title in June, (4) Headline: Governor Roosevelt formally enters Race. (5) Movie ad: Taxi starring James Cagney & Loretta Young


Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1932/04-06 $30.00

Features:    (1) Lindbergh pays but fails to recover his baby (2)Von Hindenburg re-elected German President (3)Greta Garbo will marry son of Swedish financier (4)Hitler's party becomes strongest in Germany (5)Kidnapped boy (Lindbergh) found dead (6) Big bomb hurled at home of mayor of Cicero IL, Al Capone's brother held (7)Sharkey captures title defeating Max Schmeling


Macon Telegraph (GA) (unbound) - Good Condition

1939/04-06 $30.00

Features:    (1) Italian Rule extended over Albania   (2) New York Fair opened by address of President (3) Hitler hikes his demands upon Poland  (4) Louis wins over Galento by Knockout   (5) Movie ads "Son of Frankenstein" starring Boris Karloff & Basil Rathbone


Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1944/10-12 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: 100 Nippon ships and 396 Planes smashed in american Carrier assault on Formosa. (2) Story: Solons hear Film Producer charge reds in Hollywood raised $87K at meeting.  (3) Headline: Roosevelt (election) lead grows, (4)Headline: Nazis unleash all-out counter-offensive as armies enter Belgium Luxembourg, (5) Headline: Patton's army halts Nazi drive and batters hole in Foe's line.


Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Fair Condition

1947/01-03 $20.00

Features:    (1) Hank Greenberg may quit baseball (2) 16 Dean many hurt in Los Angeles blast (3)Hoover calls for half billion for feeding Reich (4) Martial law clamped on Hold Land areas


Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1947/10-12 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Armed Arab forces massing along Palestinian Frontiers as invasion talk increases. (2) Story: Solons hear Film Producer charge reds in Hollywood raised $87K at meeting.  (3) Sports: Yanks defeat Brooks 5-2 to cop World Series, (4) Hughes gets Giant plane into the air in initial tests, (5) Movie ad:Wistful Widow of Wagon Gaps starring Abbott & Costello

N001-0034 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1951/11-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Special Edition:100th Anniversary Edition of the Macon Telegraph,   (2) Stories:Temporary Cease Fire in Korea, (3) Advertising:The Day the Earth Stool Still starring Michael Rennie
N001-0035 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1953/03-04 $30.00 Features:    (1)Josef Stalin dies after 4 day illness (2)Outcome of Gottwald;s death watched by Western World (3)Jim Thorpe famed athelete dies at 64 of Heart Attack (4)Negro ball players banned from playing in Mississippi (5)Atom blast seen 600 miles away (6)Hogan all but wraps up Masters
N001-0036 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1963/07-08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Sports: Aarons 23rd homer fatal to Giants, (2) Story: US Clamps embargo on all cuban holdings, (3) Wondrous Willie 'steals' show, Nationals roll in All-stars, (4) Story: Kennedys infant dies, (5) Story: US Viet Nam Diplomatic clash. 
N001-0037 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1965/07-08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Sports: Ex peach Pete Rose Names NL All-star, (2) Story: Cong surrounds Viet Nam post, (3) Movie ad: Mary Poppins, (4) Sports: Joe Namath record contract, (5) Story:Lester Maddox says rights drive worse than Viet Nam, (6) Sports: Jack Nicklaus favored in PGS meet, (7) Story: 8-day Spaceflight by Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad.  
N001-0038 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1967/03-04 $30.00 Features:    (1) Story: Bobby Kennedy urges bombing pause, (2) Headline: Witness says he heard trio plot to kill JFK, (3) Sports: Clay and Patterson to fight again, (4) Sports: 76ers and Wilt Chamberlain favored in playoffs
N001-0039 Macon Telegraph (Bound) - Good Condition 1974/11-12 $25.00 Features:    (1) HeadlineL Hank Aaron traded to Milwaukee, (2) Jimmy Carter announces Presidential Candidacy, (3) Minnesota Oakland Super Bowl Prep stories,  (4) Sports review 1974 with Ali/Foreman

Macon Telegraph (GA) (Bound) - Good Condition

1975/07-08 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: FBI takes Hoffa (disappearance) case. (2) Story: Nicklaus takes PGA Crown.  (3) Sports: Ali scores unanimous decision over Bugner, (4) Movie ad: Jaws starring Roy Scheider

N001-0041 McAllister News-Capital (unbound - with Boards) - Good Condition 1955/01-03 $25.00 Features:    (1) Story:Eisenhower signs Formosa defense pact  (2) Wilt Chamberlain signs first professional contract, (3)Headline:Bulganin new USSR Premier, (4)Advertisement:Hamms Beer
N001-0042 Minneapolis Journal (Bound) - Good Condition 1926/08 $30.00 Features:    (1) Dempsey moves to unwind red tape binding Tunney battle (2) Ruth hits 38th homer, Yanks Senators divide  (3) Rudolph Valentino dies in NY  (4)Minneapolis girl succeeds in standing on tail of plane.
N001-0043 Minneapolis Journal (Bound) - Good Condition 1930/12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Rockne's rough riders charge in upon Trojans (2)Hoover signs job relief bill (3)Fire destroys North Dakota Capitol  (4)Editorials by Arthur Brisbane
N001-0044 Minneapolis Journal (Bound) - Good Condition 1937/03 $30.00 Features:    (1) Amelia Earhart - around the world at the Equator (2)Amelia lands in Honolulu, sets Pacific flight record (3)500 bodies taken from school blast ruins (3) Yanks will be the same team - so say McCarthy (4)Jimmy(Braddock) and Max(Schmeling) in Germany

Minneapolis Star (MN) (Bound) -  Good Condition

1948/12 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Monopoly on atom ended Russians say (2) Russia battles to keep Berlin crisis from the U.N. (3) Boston beats Cleveland in Series opener


Minneapolis Star-Journal (MN) (Bound) - Good Condition

1940/08 $30.00

Features:    (1) Joe DiMaggio's bat sings AL record song (2)Max Baer back in heavyweight title picture (3) Nazis Bombing London    (4) Hitler's Secret Plans  (5) Willkie sees threat of dictatorship in Senate


Minneapolis Star-Journal (MN) (Bound) - Very Good Condition

1941/07 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Trapped Army of Russians Destroyed Germans Claim. (2) Story: Keltner stopped me: DiMaggio (hitting streak).   (3) Story: Gestapo reported cleaning up Hess pals in Germany, (4) Headline: F.R. sets to freeze Japanese funds. (5) Movie ad: Shepard of the Hills starring John Wayne

N001-0048 Minneapolis Tribune (Bound - No Boards) - Good Condition 1927/04 $25.00 Features:    (1) Story:NY Giants lose Travis Jackson to injury (2)Advertisement: Chevrolet, (3)Advertisement: Whippet Automobile, (4)Story: Jack Dempsey greatest boxer ever (5)Story:Memphis Tennessee Floods (6)Story:Babe Ruth face off Rogers Hornsby (7)Serial: For the Children's Sake by Fanny Hurst, art Raeburn Van Buren (8)Story:New Orleans Dike Burst
N001-0049 Minneapolis Tribune (Bound - No Boards) - Good Condition 1937/08 $25.00 Features:    (1) Gehrig, Ruffing ruin Cleveland (2) 3 Planes bomb Jap Warship (3)Typhoon halts shanghai battle as Japs shell city (4) Mellon dies at 83, had half a billion, 11 years in cabinet

Muskogee Times-Democrat (OK)  (unbound) - Fair/Good Condition

1943/03-04 $20.00

Features:    (1) Movie ad: "Flying Tigers" starring John Wayne. (2) Story: Chase of Rommel speeded up.   (3) Story: Rommel said in charge in Italy,

N001-0051 Nashville Banner (Bound) - Fair/Poor Condition 1927/01-03 $15.00 Features:    (1) Story: Tris Speaker & Ty Cobb banished, then reinstated from baseball, (2) Story: Scopes Case final, (3) Feg Murray cartoon of Babe Ruth, (4) Story: Battle of Hangchow, (5) Sports: Baseball deals of Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Sam Jones, Frankie Fritsch, Eddie Collins, (6) Story: Jack Sharkey Heavyweight 'Natural', (7) Movie ad: 'Midnight Sun" - bondage (8) Special Edition: St. Patricks day.
N001-0052 Nashville Banner (Bound) - Fair Condition 1934/01-03 $15.00 Features:    (1) Babe says Baseball is declining (2) Opinion columns by Will Rogers   (3) Invasion of Germany by French in March or April likely  (4) World War I in pictures  (5) Serial: The life of our Lord by Charles Dickens (6) John Dillinger escapes Jail
N001-0053 Nashville Tennessean (Bound) - Good Condition 1930/06 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Carol proclaims himself Rumanian King., (2) Max Schmeling, GHermon Hope for Heavyweight title.  (3) Movie ad 'Mammy' starring Al Jolson, (4) Sports: Ruth and Gehrig bot hit homers as Yankees romp, (5) Story:It's a boy at the Lindbergh's

N001-0054 Nashville Tennessean (Bound) - Fair Condition 1936/02 $20.00 Features:    (1) Story, New Duke of York, (2) Anti Nazi cartoon,  (3) Stories: Spanish Civil War, (4) Story Dizzy Dean contract squabble, (5) Movie ads: Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers,  Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin, (6) Special: Annual Baby Edition, (7) Military coup in Japan
N001-0055 Nashville Tennessean (Bound) - Fair Condition 1936/12 $20.00 Features:    (1) Million people greet Roosevelt (2)Cabinet has King's (edward VIII) Abdication (3)Chinese Generalissimo (Shiang Kai-Shek) Prisoner (4) Movie ad "After the Thin Man' starring William Powell & Myrna Loy. 
N001-0056 Palestine(TX) Daily Herald  (unbound) - Fair Condition 1928/03-04 $20.00 Features:    (1) Headline: Wanamaker, Prince of Merchants, dies today, (2) headline: Albert Fall to tell his story of teapot dome lease, (3) Ad: Lucky Strikes with Paul Waner, (4) Story: Byrd expedition to antartica, (5) Ad: Lucky Strikes featuring Willie Hoppe, King Vidor, Paul Waner, (6) Story: Lindbergh takes 'spirit of st. louis' to smithsonian
N001-0057 Palestine(TX) Daily Herald  (unbound) - Good Condition 1941/12 $125.00 Features:    (1) Dec 7 Extra - United States and Japan at war (2) Dec 7 2nd Extra - 350 Killed U.S. Battleship afire (3) Congress votes war declaration (4) New York has air raid alarms (4) War declared on Germany and Italy (5) Japs subs attack off west coast
N001-0058 Panama Star Herald (unbound) - Good Condition 1944/03 $20.00 Features:    (1) Reds launch new drive on Ukraine front (2) Anzio defeat disrupts German anti-invasion plans (3) Allied bombs level Cassino and open road to Rome (4) German forces now moving into Bulgarian capital
N001-0059 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1934/09 $45.00

Features:    (1) Headline: 127 Die, 98 Missing, 333 Sage as liner burns (Morro Castle) (2) Headline: Lindbergh kidnapping case solved, (3) Story: Paul Dean holds Dodgers hitless, (4) Story: Dillinger pal (Charles Makley) slain trying to flee cell (5) Sports: Tigers clinch pennant as Yanks lose.

N001-0060 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1937/08 $45.00

Features:    (1) Headline: U.S. retains America's Cup; Ranger breaks sailing record in 4th victory (2) Sports:  Seabiscuit 'Cap (massachusetts) victor, (3) Story: Japan sailors land in Shanghai after 2 killed, (4) Movie ad:  Stella Dallas starring Barbara Stanwyck, (5) Full month of Terry and the Pirates daily comic strips.

N001-0061 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1937/09 $45.00

Features:    (1) Japan bombs Canton US Cruiser division set to dash for China (2) Schmeling signs for Louis Bout (3) Don Budge wins US Tennis Championship (3) Nanking is raked in big air rad, 100s perish

N001-0062 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1940/08 $45.00

Features:    (1) Headline: 158 Warplanes fall in Battle as 400 Nazi Raiders attack English Coast, (2) Movie ad:The Sea Hawk starring Errol Flynn, (3) Story: Hurricane lashes Southern Coast, Charleston cut-off, (4) Movie ads: The Return of Frank James starring Henry Fonda

N001-0063 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1942/08 $45.00

Features:    (1) 6 Nazi spies electrocuted, 2 Jailed   (2) Big Sea-Air-Land battle rages on in the Solomons  (3) Movie ad "Yankee Doodle Dandy' starring James Cagney (4) 2nd Front tested by US and Allies - havoc spread in Dieppe for nine hours (5) Staligrad defenses waiver as Nazi pincers advance  (6) 50 miles Nazi drive meets the gates of Grozny oil fields (7) Whirlaway wins Tranton 'Cap

N001-0064 Philadelphia Inquirer (Bound) - Good Condition 1943/01 $45.00 Features:    (1) Headline:312650 Germans wiped out in Stalingrad, (2) Movie ad:Casablanca, (3) Story: Jake Lamotta winner over Jack Wilson, (4) Movie ads: Bambi, Arsenic and old lace starring Boris Karloff
N001-0065 Philadelphia Record (Bound) - Poor Condition 1927/03/01 - 1927/03/15 $5.00

Features:  Multi edition per day.  Brittle 

N001-0066 Philadelphia Record (Bound) - Poor Condition 1927/03/16 - 1927/03/31 $5.00

Features:  Multi edition per day.  Brittle 

N001-0067 Philadelphia Record (Bound) - Good Condition 1944/01 $30.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Monte Cassino Bombing,  (2) Stories:Battle of Leningrad, (3) Stories:Battle of Rome
N001-0068 Providence (RI) Tribune (Bound) - Good Condition 1926/05 $30.00 Features:    (1) Ruth smashed seventh homer but Yanks lose to Cobb's Tygers (2) Swords East by Achmed Abdullah (3) Byrd flies over North Pole (4) Amundsen has seen both ends of the axis (5) Bubbling Over winds Kentucky Derby (6) An adventure of the scarlet pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
N001-0069 Santa Fe New Mexican (Bound) - Good Condition 1939/09-12 $30.00 Features:    (1) Chamberlain tells House of Commons British Navy will sweep German U-Boats from the Sea (2) Poland War Map  (3) Yanks defeat reds in opening game of the series in new york (4) Finland declares war on Russia (5) Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Dies  (6) Graf Spee captain kills self
N001-0070 Saskatoon Star (Unbound with Boards) - Fair Condition 1918/05-06 $20.00 Features:    (1) Stories:Lloyd George explains Maurice disclosures, (2) Report: Hindenburg dead(Hoax),  (3) Story:Joe Jackson Bright stop of White Sox, (4)Story: US Troops join Britich in Flanders, (5) Story: Memorial of Queen Victoria's 99th birthday, (6)Headline: German Blow Falls (Western front offensive), (7) Story: Attempt to kill King Charles of Austria fails, (8) Headline; Austrians in Retreat

Toledo Blade (OH) (Bound) - Good Condition

1953/04/01 - 1953/04/15 $15.00

Features:   (1) Story: (Dag)Hammarskjold nominated to succeed Lie at U.N.  (2) Story: Pact signed for POW exchange(Korea).  (3) Sports:  Majors ready for Season openers. (4) Headline:  Ike challenges Reds to end Cold War, agree to disarm.


Toledo Blade (OH) (Bound) - Good Condition

1953/04/16 - 1953/04/20 $15.00

Features:   (1) Mantle's bat and ball go into Baseball;s Hall of Fame (2) Babe Didrickson Zaharias, greatest woman athelete of all (3) Entertainment news by Hedda Hopper and Dorothy Kilgallen  (4) Movie ad: 3D House of Wax starring Vincent Price

N001-0073 Wichita Eagle (unbound - no Boards) - Fair Condition 1950/11 $15.00 Features:    (1) Stories:UN Troops cross North Korea border, (2) Stories:China enters Korean conflict, (3) Advertising: The Fuller Brush Girl starring Lucille Ball, (4) Advertising:Camel cigarettes featuring John Wayne.  Note: Nov 1 headline is missing.

Wichita Eagle (KS) (Bound) - Good Condition

1954/12 $30.00

Features:    (1) Headline: Pope Critically Ill after Heart attack.  (2) Headline: McCarthy bitterly denounces President Ike.  (3) Movie ad: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea by Disney. (4) Movie ad: On the Waterfront starring Marlon Brando

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